Medical Archivist Cover Letter Sample and Guidelines

Updated on: March 1, 2020
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How to Write a Medical Archivist Cover Letter?

When writing a medical archivist cover letter, make sure that you offer information regarding your ability to handle medical and demographic records.

The cover letter should typically highlight the candidate’s ability to gather patient information, maintain master indexes, and initiate medical records.

It is important to know that your cover letter should focus on your suitability for a medical archivist position.

Finding out what the hiring manager is looking for specifically is most important. Equally important is to project your corresponding skills and abilities in your cover letter.

Specifically speaking, your cover letter should essentially focus on your ability to maintain quality in medical archiving work.

Since you will primarily be working for a hospital or a medical facility, it is important that you show that you have some knowledge of the type of work the facility performs.

A cover letter sample for a medical archivist position is provided here for your reference:

Medical Archivist Cover Letter Example

Matt Black
(000) 554-3631
[email protected]

March 2, 2020

Mr. Roger Polinski
Human Resources Manager
John Hopkins Hospital
49 Concord Road
Toledo, OH 21021

Dear Mr. Polinski:

I was excited to learn that John Hopkins Hospital is seeking a Medical Archivist. With my strong and diverse medical archiving background, I am convinced that I would be a valuable asset to your team.

While working as a medical archivist for St. Mary’s Hospital, I obtained great exposure to information gathering processes and procedures. Maintaining master indexes by completing assigned daily audit trails, and correcting and communicating problems according to established procedures is my forte.

In precision, my skills include the following:

  • Knowledge of gathering patients’ demographic and personal information
  • Able to issue medical files to verified individuals and agencies
  • Competent in ensuring that confidentiality and safety of all medical records
  • Unmatched ability to file patients’ information and medical records according to the protocols

I have had the opportunity to work with complex medical archiving databases, which has taught me much in terms of managing the security and integrity of data. In view of this, I believe that I am a great contender for this position, as you will see from the enclosed resume.

I understand that you will receive a large number of applications for this role. However, I believe that my motivation, commitment, and pre-existing skills will allow me to fit into this role perfectly, and I will be able to immediately start supporting the needs of your organization.

Thank you for taking out the time to consider my application.


Matt Black

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