Amazon Warehouse FC Associate Resume Sample

Updated on: November 25, 2020

As an FC associate hoping to work for the Amazon warehouse, it is imperative that you write a solid resume to present your case to an employer.

Technically, your knowledge of production, safety, quality, and standards should be made obvious in your resume.

In addition to this, an Amazon warehouse FC associate should essentially create a resume to offer information of experience regarding picking and packing, and loading and unloading trucks and other delivery vehicles.

What follows is a sample Amazon warehouse associate resume sample:

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Amazon Warehouse FC Associate Resume Sample

Jake Holmes
40 Yeti Street, Duluth, MN 22321
(000) 597-1021

Experienced FC Associate within a warehouse environment, with strengths in customer services, picking, and packing. Proven ability to perform production duties such as towing products, ensuring inventory accuracy, and assisting in the daily management of departmental work. Instrumental in developing core processes to ensure high productivity and outcomes.

• Overhauled the auditing process, making it 20% more accurate than before
• Implemented a tracking system, in sync with 4 other people, consequently increased efficiency
• Singlehandedly packaged and processed 50+ orders within one shift


Warehouse FC Associate
Pat Retail, Duluth, MN
6/2014 – Present

• Receive deliveries from trucks, and offload them according to procedure
• Arrange for incoming deliveries to be placed in designated areas
• Read and decipher work orders, and plan processes accordingly
• Locate and extract items from storage areas, by following work order instructions
• Check picked items to ensure conformity to work orders
• Pack and seal picked items to make them ready for delivery
• Assist in allocating labor, and assigning duties to personnel
• Organize warehouse spaces in order to ensure storage maximization
• Create customer invoices, and ensure that information on them is properly verified
• Prepare shipment paperwork, and make sure that they accompany outgoing shipments
• Ensure that any defective products or items are isolated as per policy

Warehouse Associate
Dotted Inc., Duluth, MN
2/2013 – 5/2014

• Picked and packed items and ensured that they were properly labeled
• Delivered packed items to the delivery pallet
• Loaded packed items onto trucks, and unloaded incoming shipments
• Cleaned and maintained assigned work areas within the warehouse

High School Diploma
St. John’s High School, Duluth, MN – 2009


  • Packaging and Processing
  • Stock Organization
  • Shipment Management
  • Warehouse Space Organization
  • Invoice Management
  • Material Verification
  • Quality Assurance
  • Tracking
  • Audit Facilitation
  • New Technology Implementation
  • Accounts Management
  • Work Orders Handling

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