Entry Level EMT Resume with No Experience

Updated: August 2, 2021

EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) work on the emergency dispatcher line where they are expected to help people in distressful circumstances such as accidents.

They are medically trained to manage emergencies of this nature and are expected to provide necessary clinical and life support services so that the patient is ready for transportation to the hospital for better care.

Working in this position for the first time can be quite daunting as you are working with someone’s life.

However, if you have the knowledge and a little bit of expertise, it may not be that difficult after all. The following resume can help you apply for a job even if you have little or no experience.

What should an entry-level EMT resume include?

Your resume should only be one of its kind to the employer. It must be divided into different sections such as objective, skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Following are major elements of an entry-level EMT Resume:

1. Header: Your name and contact information including your address, cell number, and email address

2. Objective Statement: what skills and qualifications you would use to contribute to the employer’s mission

3. Education: School, Degree(s), Majors, and graduation date

4. Relevant Skills and Capabilities: Describes skills that are desired as an EMT

5. Experiences: Work or internship experiences, accomplishments, and related medical roles

6. Honors & Activities (Optional): Scholarships awarded and related extracurricular activities

Sample Entry Level EMT Resume with No Experience

Collin Winfred
3011 4th Avenue, Hinton, WV 73111
(999) 999-0019, [Email]

Seeking a position as an Emergency Medical Technician at Hall Ambulance utilizing knowledge and training in providing first aid to victims of emergency situations.

• Conversant with on-site emergency treatment procedures
• In-depth knowledge of examining and screening patients to determine the plan of care
• Functional knowledge of managing spinal immobilization and vital signs
• Demonstrated ability to administer medical procedures under standard protocols

Emergency Medical Technician Licensure – West Virginia
Status: Active

Diploma | Hinton High School, Hinton, WV – 2020

• Strong medical background
• Knowledge of emergency procedures and protocols
• Excellent communication skills
• Working knowledge of patient transport management
• Ability to stay calm in stressful situations


EMT Internship
Legacy Health System, Hinton, WV 
Jan 2021 – Jul 2021
• Obtained guidance and training from seniors
• Attended emergency medical requests
• Rendered advanced paramedical assistance to injured patients
• Performed preliminary assessment of injury to emergency patients
• Transported patients
• Inspected and maintained emergency medical equipment
• Followed infection control regulations and standards

• Volunteered as a lifeguard for the school swimming club
• Performed volunteer duties at the local senior facility

• Head of the school swim team
• Member of the school book club
• Member of the Adventure Travel Club at school