Entry-Level EKG Technician Resume With No Experience

Updated April 6, 2022
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Writing an entry-level EKG Technician resume is perhaps even more difficult than writing one where experience is a great friend. 

This is because when you do not have a lot to boast of, you are often left at bay when creating a job application document.

How to Write a Good Resume for Entry Level EKG Technician?

What one needs to understand is that experience is not all that a resume is about.

When you write an entry-level resume, your main focus should be on your skills and qualifications. Experience is important, but not really necessary at the entry-level.

Since all great professionals started without experience, your lack of experience will not be a hindrance to your eligibility.

Focus on what you have to offer in terms of qualifications, and you do not have to worry about experience.

Here is a resume sample for an EKG technician position – from a job seeker who has no experience in the field:

Sample EKG Technician Resume with No Experience

Robert Flowman
47 Coral Lane, Enola, PA 57572
(000) 999-2010
flowrob @ email . com


Great attention to detail, dependability, and compassion.

Highly enthusiastic and diligent EKG Technician with extensive training in using and maintaining EKG machines and equipment. Poised to contribute to the success of ABC Healthcare.


  • Demonstrated ability to prepare patients for electrocardiograms by explaining testing procedures to them.
  • Able to place and remove electrodes from patients’ bodies, ensuring their comfort and wellbeing.
  • Well-versed in overseeing the use and maintenance of EKG equipment, to ensure its safety and workability.
  • Competent in administering stress tests to monitor patients’ heart activity, and accurately recording outcomes.

High School Diploma
Enola High School, Enola, PA – 2020

Current basic cardiac life support (BCLS) healthcare provider certification
Current CPR card


Lexington Medical Center, Enola, PA
1/2022 – 4/2022

  • Prepared patients for diagnostic tests such as ultrasounds, EEGs, and EKGs.
  • Provided patients with information on what to expect during each test procedure.
  • Checked patients’ records to determine their specific diseases or disorders and provided supervising doctors with the required information.
  • Set up and calibrated diagnostic machines and equipment, and checked and corrected any obvious errors.
  • Ensured that all work areas, especially procedure rooms were properly cleaned and sanitized at all times.


  • Equipment Adjustments
  • Stress Tests Administration
  • Results Analysis
  • Cardiovascular Activity Gauging
  • Patient Preparation
  • Electrodes Application
  • Test Data Review
  • MUSE Cardiology Storage
  • Patient Records Review
  • Customer Service

Superior references available

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