Nutritionist Job Description Sample

Updated on: March 30, 2018

The cliché “health is wealth” is not overrated; our health affects everything we do – from managing work to relationships – everything!

Eating healthy and exercising on a continuous basis can do wonders for our physical and mental health. Many people seek the assistance of nutritionists to assist them in staying healthy.

Nutritionists are often confused with dieticians who work with people who are unwell; nutritionists, on the other hand, work with healthy people who want to remain healthy through proper eating.

Primary Purpose of Job

The job of a nutritionist includes providing healthy eating advice to their clients or patients. They confer with clients to determine individual nutritional needs and provide counseling to meet those needs.

Nutritionists are also responsible for creating a clinical treatment plan that will aid their clients in making the best use of food and supplements. They are trained professionals who usually possess a Certified Nutrition Specialist certification and are required to maintain a three-year college degree in nutrition at the very least.

Since nutritionists are required to work closely with their clients, they are expected to obtain clients’ histories to determine appropriate nutritional plans. Doing so helps them in analyzing their clients’ physical and medical conditions in accordance to their nutritional needs. They are also required to confer with each client’s healthcare professional to formulate a suitable nutrition plan.

To understand this role in a more profound manner, take a look at some of the essential duties that a nutritionist is expected to perform on a daily basis.

Job Description for Nutritionist Resume

• Assess each client’s individual nutritional needs through interviewing
• Evaluate diet restrictions and present health plan
• Create and implement individually based health plan
• Create and maintain liaison with clients’ healthcare professionals to manage an appropriate diet plan
• Use medical data to determine individual nutritional plans
• Provide advice to clients regarding diet restrictions and diet plan modifications
• Develop recipes to facilitate nutritional programs
• Supervise and oversee meal preparation and serving (when working in facilities)
• Advise clients on needed lifestyle modifications
• Promote interest in the benefits of appropriate nutrition through aides and materials
• Conduct nutrition assessments and make modifications to existing plans accordingly
• Plan and conduct training programs to meet nutritional goals
• Conduct presentations on the benefits of proper nutrition for clients
• Schedule follow up appointments to facilitate clients’ interest in implemented programs
• Assist clients in making appropriate changes to diets according to their taste