Food Service Assistant Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: February 9, 2021
Food Service Assistant Job Description

Foodservice assistants work in many settings including hospitals, schools, restaurants, and residents’ facilities.

Their primary job responsibilities include preparing and delivering food to customers or residents. They carry out many other duties as well such as planning meals, storing food, managing stocks and supplies, and keeping records.

They also clean and tidy up kitchens and service areas along with handling cash registers and ensuring that appropriate sanitization procedures are carried out.

Foodservice assistants are an essential part of the foodservice industry as they provide a multitude of services to ensure that a facility runs smoothly. Depending on their place of employment, food service assistants are expected to develop menus to meet nutritional needs especially in a residents’ facility or a school. They also ensure that all food items are fresh and of high quality.

Working in the position of a food service assistant requires one to possess knowledge of what this job entails. If you are thinking of applying for this position, we suggest that you read the following to understand what you will be expected to do:

Food Service Assistant Duties & Responsibilities for Resume

• Plan meals according to instructions
• Formulate menus following nutritional needs
• Prepare food items by ensuring both quality and quantity
• Ensure that food items are appropriately arranged on plates and platters
• Prepare and assemble portions according to the menu
• Store food in an appropriate manner
• Ensure that food items are properly rotated in storage
• Dispose of expired or near expiry products
• Arrange plates and food items neatly on tables and trays
• Ensure cleanliness of kitchen by following sanitation guidelines
• Transport food and supplies to rooms, kitchen, and service areas
• Deliver food to the appropriate person
• Prepare eating areas for mealtimes
• Manage food inventory and supplies
• Order supplies before they run out of stock
• Wash dishes and flatware
• Operate and maintain dishwashers
• Manage cash registers by taking payments and processing credit card payments
• Perform light bookkeeping duties
• Report kitchen malfunctions and manage limited repair work around the kitchen
• Inspect food items and equipment on a constant basis
• Assist with food preparation services for catering projects