Entry Level Firefighter Resume Sample

Updated on May 27, 2016

Think like an advertising copywriter when you attempt writing your resume. Think about yourself and how important you are. Through a resume, you are promising something – you and your services. Keeping this in mind, create a desire for the employer to invite you for an interview by making sure that you prove your abilities in meeting his or her requirements.

If it is the first time that you are writing a resume for firefighter position, you must keep one thing in mind – always zero in on the employer’s needs and never your own. While your own needs may be the greatest at this stage, it is the hiring manager that you have to impress. Make sure that your strongest selling points are positioned at the beginning of your resume and not at the end.

Once you are done writing your resume, proofread it yourself and then also have a friend go through it. The end result of your resume should be clear, concise copy that is easy to read and visually appealing. Make the best of white space – do not gel words or sentences together. Ascertain that your resume is easy navigable. Try not to use resume templates that you find sparingly on the Internet and never include personal information such as religion, ethnic background or marital status.

There! You are done! Here is an example:


Entry Level Firefighter Resume Sample


Anthony Wilson

60 Poplar Street ● Flint, MI 48055 ● (000) 141-1210 ● anthony.wilson @email .com

 Fresh & Energetic Firefighter

SUMMARY: Recently trained firefighter with exceptional skills in promptly responding to calls for emergency services such as fires and entrapment. Well-versed in using standard equipment and apparatus sanctioned by use fire department to handle emergencies in an efficient manner.
• Highly skilled in rendering first aid during rescue operations by first analyzing the situation and probability of first-aid success.
• Proficient in cleaning and inspecting firefighting equipment to ensure that it is “situation-ready” at all times.
• Effectively able to climb long lengths of ladders without feeling overwhelmed or physically uncomfortable.
• Competent at determining strategies for different situations such as wild land, commercial and residential.


• Medical Aid Provision• Fire Codes Determination
• Equipment Maintenance and Repair• Salvage Operations
• Incident Scene Analysis• Fire Prevention Operations
• Command Structure Comprehension• Emergency Response
• Hazardous Materials Handling• Communication


Michigan Fire Department, Flint, MI – 2015
EMT Certification

Flint High School, Flint, MI – 2015
High School Diploma

Firefighter Level 1


Trainee Firefighter | 2/2016 to 5/2016
Michigan Fire Department, Flint, MI
• Responded to calls for emergency services and recorded information such as address and caller data
• Immediately relayed information to firefighting supervisor and teams
• Assisted in coordinating team members to ensure prompt team dispatch
• Provided support in performing firefighting activities such as setting up equipment and hosing down large fires
• Performed regular and preventative maintenance on firefighting equipment and apparatuses

Excellent References Available

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