Entry Level Firefighter Resume No Experience: 2 Samples

Updated: January 25, 2023

An entry-level firefighter resume is a 1-page document that is required to apply for a new firefighter job.

It contains information about the applicant’s skills, qualifications, and training that make them eligible for the firefighting position.

The following are two entry-level firefighter resume examples, along with eight tips to guide you in this regard.

How to Write a Great Resume for Firefighter Position When You Have No Experience in Hand?

  1. Start your resume with a firefighter objective statement.
  2. Highlight your skills, training, and qualifications.
  3. Divide your resume into different sections.
  4. Use bullet points to make the resume easily navigable.
  5. Craft a simple, concise, and visually appealing document. Try not to use templates.
  6. Make the most of white space by not gelling words or sentences together.
  7. Do not include personal information such as age or marital status.
  8. Proofread your resume several times before sending it.

Entry Level Firefighter Resume Sample 1

Anthony Wilson
Flint, MI 48055
(000) 141-1210
anthony.wilson @email .com

 Fresh & Energetic Firefighter

A passionate firefighter with recent firefighting training and CPR certification. Eager to work for the City of Flint to handle emergencies in an efficient manner.

Firefighter Level 1

EMT Certification
Michigan Fire Department, Flint, MI – 2022

• Proficient in cleaning and inspecting firefighting equipment to ensure that it is “situation-ready” at all times.
• Able to climb long lengths of ladders without feeling overwhelmed or physically uncomfortable.
• Competent at determining strategies for different situations such as wildland, commercial, and residential.

High School Diploma
Flint High School, Flint, MI – 2021


Firefighter Internship
Michigan Fire Department, Flint, MI
2/2021 – 5/2021

  • Responded to calls for emergency services and recorded information such as address and caller data.
  • Immediately relayed information to the firefighting supervisor and teams.
  • Assisted in coordinating team members to ensure prompt team dispatch.
  • Provided support in performing firefighting activities such as setting up equipment and hosing down large fires.
  • Performed regular and preventative maintenance on firefighting equipment and apparatuses.


  • Medical Aid Provision
  • Fire Codes Determination
  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Salvage Operations
  • Incident Scene Analysis
  • Fire Prevention Operations
  • Command Structure Comprehension
  • Hazardous Materials Handling 

Firefighter Resume With No Experience
(Example 2)

Oscar Eldered
Duluth, MN 33021
(000) 956-5241


An enthusiastic, resourceful, and diligent individual with an inherent interest in firefighting. Poised to work for the City of Duluth to contribute significantly to its firefighting operations.

Certified Firefighter
Broward Fire Academy, Duluth, MN – 2022

High School Diploma
Duluth High School, Duluth, MN- 2022

Emergency Response | Fire Control
Public Education | Equipment Use
Fire Damage Reduction | Records Updating
Evacuation Plans Reading | Equipment Maintenance


Firefighting Training
City of Duluth, Duluth, MN 
11/2022 – 1/2023

  • Cleaned and maintained firefighting equipment.
  • Assisted firefighters in getting suited up for firefighting incidents.
  • Responded to emergency calls.
  • Created and maintained liaison between dispatchers and firefighters.
  • Assisted in inspecting scenes of fire.
  • Wrote reports of incidents after fire control services had been provided.
  • Used equipment such as water hoses and fire extinguishers.
  • Handled injured individuals by administering CPR and First Aid.

• Played football and baseball as part of the school club
• Headed the school volunteer club, which provided many volunteer services

Fluent in English and Spanish

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