Radiographer Resume Sample [+Skills & Summary]

Updated on: January 20, 2023

Are you anticipating obtaining a position as a radiographer? Well, the first thing that you need to do is work on your resume.

Your resume must be better than all the rest that the hiring manager receives.

How will you know?

You cannot know for sure, but you can do your best to write one that works from all ends.

In your resume for a radiographer position, you must highlight your skills and experience in operating and maintaining radiograph equipment.

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Here is how you can put it all in a resume:

Radiographer Resume Sample

Phoebe Buffay
72 Miller Road, Buffalo, NY92012
(000) 548-3256
[email protected]


Patient-oriented individual, with 11+ years of solid track record in operating radiography machinery in order to perform diagnostic tests. Well-versed in obtaining quality x-rays using correct positions and radiation exposure. Highly skilled in implementing safety procedures so as to ensure patient safety during and after each procedure.

– Setup and Calibration
– Patient Education
– Equipment Operation
– Radiation Therapy
– Patient Assessment
– Radiation Safety
– Referrals Management
– Health and Safety Regulations


  • Implemented a unique patient assessment system, as a result, decreased assessment time by 70%.
  • Introduced the concept of machine calibration that reduced breakdown issues.
  • Devised a patient education program, hence, putting patients and families at ease before, and during radiography sessions.
  • Trained 10 radiography staff members, as part of their induction.


Briton Health, Buffalo, NY

  • Greet patients and check their charts in order to determine required tests.
  • Set up and calibrate radiography equipment.
  • Operate radiography equipment to perform tests such as x-rays and scans.
  • Assess patients in order to determine which technique to use.
  • Perform a wide array of examinations, and produce high-quality images.
  • Check images to ensure that they are what is required by the doctors.
  • Interact with patients to educate them so that they become aware of what to expect.
  • Create and maintain files of images and reports in a confidential and accurate manner.

Radiographer Assistant
Sava Healthcare, Buffalo, NY

  • Assisted in setting up radiography equipment at the beginning of the shift.
  • Checked patients’ charts to determine the type of diagnostic testing required.
  • Provided radiographers with initial patient information and files.
  • Guided patients onto or in front of radiography equipment.
  • Performed filing and records management tasks.

Bachelor’s Degree in Radiography
New York State University, Buffalo, NY

Radiographer Skills for Resume

When writing a resume for a radiographer position, you must make sure that you put in your skills as one. This particular section of the resume can get the hiring manager’s attention.

Here are some skills that a radiographer can write in his or her resume:

  • Setting up, calibrating, and operating radiography equipment.
  • Determining the type of procedure required by checking charts and reports.
  • Interacting with patients in order to put their minds at ease.
  • Assessing patients, as well as their clinical requirements in order to work out required radiograph techniques.
  • Performing a wide range of radiograph examinations on patients, so as to produce high-quality images.
  • Ensuring that produced images are of good quality so that they can aid diagnosis.
  • Ensuring patient and staff safety before, during, and after radiography procedures.
  • Administering radiation treatments, alongside oncologists.
  • Positioning patients in order to get clear and accurate images.
  • Performing specialized radiography such as mammograms, and bone scans.
  • Performing preventative and regular maintenance on radiography equipment.

Radiographer Resume Summary Examples

Some examples of resume summaries for a radiographer position are provided below for you to take ideas from. Have a look:

1. Highly skilled radiographer with 10+ years of experience in operating X-rays and other scanning machines in order to perform diagnostic tests. Well-versed in administering radiation treatments, as well as performing standard testing procedures.

2. Uniquely qualified Radiographer with exceptional skills in preparing patients for radiography procedures, such as scans, and x-rays. Exceptionally talented in setting up, calibrating, and operating radiography equipment in order to perform diagnostic tests. Qualified to determine the need for specific tests, based on doctors’ orders.

3. Experienced radiographer, with a solid track record of effectively performing radiography tests in order to make a correct diagnosis. Deeply familiar with operating equipment in order to perform tests with accuracy. Talented in developing clear images of tests, so as to ensure a proper diagnosis.

4. Highly accomplished individual, with over 6 years of radiography experience. Demonstrated expertise in assessing patients and their clinical requirements to work out the right radiographic technique. Exceptionally talented in performing a wide range of radiographic tests in order to determine or confirm diseases and conditions.

5. Expert radiographer with excellent skills in setting up and operating radiography equipment. Proven ability to perform radiological tests while maintaining patient safety. Highly efficient in educating patients about radiography procedures, aimed at helping them understand what to expect.

6. Radiographer with extensive experience in performing radiographic procedures on patients. Ability to operate and maintain complex radiography machines and equipment. Expert in determining the right type of testing procedure required for individual patients.

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