Entry-Level Medical Assistant Cover Letter With No Experience

Updated on: December 2, 2021
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One of the fastest-growing careers in the United States and Canada is that of a medical assistant.

Medical assistants need to acquire training in post-secondary programs and earn either a diploma or a certificate that makes them eligible to apply for this position.

It is usually quite a daunting task to apply for the first job as a medical assistant as a lot of weight is given to an individual’s experience. 

However, if your cover letter is perfect, you do not need to worry.

Your knowledge and skills as a medical assistant can go a long way in the decision to hire you. That is why it is important that your cover letter focuses on your knowledge and skills, as well as passion.

How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter for Entry Level Medical Assistant With No Experience?
  1. Do not replicate the information of your resume.
  2. Be short by mentioning your relevant attributes and skills.
  3. Justify why your knowledge, skills, and abilities make you a great contender for the medical assistant job.

Take ideas from the following format and sample in order to write an effective cover letter.

Entry Level Medical Assistant Cover Letter Format

Your Name
Your Street Address
City, State, and Zip Code
Your Phone Number and/or Email


Mr./Ms. (Employer’s Name)
Organization Name
Street Address
City, State, and Zip Code

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Employer’s Last Name):

Opening Paragraph

Start your cover letter with a short opening paragraph explaining how you heard about and why you are interested in the medical assistant position with the specific employer. This paragraph should not be longer than two or three sentences.


The body or second/third paragraph(s) will sum up your skills, knowledge, and some qualifications that will assist you to work efficiently as a medical assistant.

A lack of experience as a medical assistant is not an issue. That is because the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that the majority of medical assistants get on-the-job training.

Think of your most relevant skills, qualities, and capabilities that match the requirements of the employer.

  1. Are you extremely detail-oriented?
  2. Do you have particular training or experience in customer service or secretarial work?
  3. Is it your passion?
  4. Do you have the ability to work with others?
  5. Your attention to detail?
  6. Do you have a desire to help others?

Summarize all of this information in a few sentences.

This paragraph must grab the reader’s interest to learn more about you by seeing the attached resume.


Write the closing paragraph in a few sentences to close the letter. This section should point out your interest in discussing the job in an interview.

You may also mention your phone number where the hiring manager can reach you to call you for an interview.

Don’t forget to say thanks to the employer in advance.

Sample Medical Assistant Cover Letter With No Experience

Eva Baker
883 Southdale Street
Tacoma, WA 66739
(000) 201-8575

December 2, 2021

Mr. Keith Young
Manager of Human Resources
ABC Health System
2190 Tacoma Avenue
Tacoma, WA 89837

Dear Mr. Young:

As a recently certified medical assistant from Pima Technical College, I am eager to work for ABC Health System in the capacity of a Medical Assistant. Owing to my knowledge of performing basic patient care procedures, and managing doctor’s offices, I am ready to get on board.

As part of my training, I acquired extensive clinical and academic education focused on handling pressure while providing both clinical and administrative support.

Specifically, I offer a thorough understanding of:

  • Handling visitors and phone calls
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Helping patients in check-in process
  • Obtaining necessary patient information
  • Preparing patients for examination
  • Taking vitals, and recording patients’ health history
  • Filing and updating patient records
  • Ensuring all forms and consents are completed by patients
  • Managing billing processes
  • Preparing equipment and examination rooms
  • Cleaning and sanitizing instruments
  • Assisting physician with medical procedures
  • Ensuring inventory of medical supplies

Besides that, I am extremely detail-oriented and organized with the ability to communicate effectively in a courteous and friendly manner.

I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you so I can elaborate on my skills and candidacy as a medical assistant in detail. I will call your office after one week to follow up. Alternately, I can be reached at (000) 201-8575.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincere regards,

Eva Baker
(000) 201-8575

Medical Assistant Job Description

Medical assistants are an integral part of the healthcare industry. 

They are responsible for both clinical duties and administrative support which is the prime reason for their significance in this arena.

They take patients’ medical histories and vitals, prepare them for medical procedures and treatments, perform necessary lab tests, manage patient admission procedures, and handle clerical work.

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