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Front Office Medical Assistant Job Description and Duties

Front Office Medical Assistants are required to perform a variety of clerical duties related to appointment scheduling, billing, and patient flow management. They are also responsible for providing direct assistance to medical specialists in carrying out various complicated medical or surgical procedures. Serving as the primary point of contact with patients, the position calls for… Read More »

Surgical Medical Assistant Job Description

A surgical medical assistant works alongside surgeons in an operating room capacity. His or her main work is to help surgeons in performing their work. The work has both simple and complex aspects, both of which need to be handled in a proper manner. Typically, a degree in medicine is sufficient to work as a… Read More »

Podiatry Assistant Job Description for Resume

Position Overview A podiatry assistant is an individual who provides procedural and administrative support to a podiatrist. These individuals may work in a clinical or hospital setting depending on where they are hired, but perform more or less the same type of activities. Working as a podiatry assistant means that you will be handling two… Read More »

Podiatry Assistant Resume Sample

Guidelines There is no debate about it – the longer your resume for podiatry assistant position, the more difficult it is to navigate. While you should not leave any pertinent information out of your resume, it does not make sense to create one that is unnecessarily long. Keep to the point and be concise. Here… Read More »

Pediatric Medical Assistant Job Description for Resume

There are two roles that a pediatric medical assistant performs – at the front-end and at the back-end. Where the former is concerned, he or she is expected to handle patient inflow, manage appointments, assist patients with filling out registration forms and provide support in handling and verifying insurance coverage information. At the back-end, a… Read More »