Sample Cover Letter for Spa Therapist Resume

Updated on: December 18, 2020
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A spa therapist cover letter is an essential part of your job application package. It is an excellent way to introduce yourself to a prospective employer.

This document helps grab the employer’s attention by showing your interest and appropriateness for the spa therapist role.

The following letter sample will give you a quick start in crafting a cover letter for a Spa Therapist Resume.

Spa Therapist Cover Letter Sample

32 6th Street
San Diego, CA 96541

December 18, 2020

Mr. Charles Smith
Hiring Manager
Elite Massage and Spa
542 New South Street
San Diego, CA 95254

Re: Spa Therapist Position (Job ID 34333)

Dear Mr. Smith:

I am pleased to submit my resume as an application for the position of Spa Therapist at Elite Massage and Spa. Along with my diploma in spa therapy and 3 years’ hands-on experience in the spa industry, I am confident in my ability to become a key member of Elite Massage and Spa.

Based on your specific needs, I offer the following talents to contribute to your bottom line:

  • Demonstrated ability to deliver exceptional spa treatments to clients.
  • Extensive experience in beauty techniques such as manicure and skincare.
  • Familiar with different types of relaxation techniques such as foot massage.
  • Competent in upselling related services and products to clients.
  • Able to create a relaxing environment for clients using different spa techniques.

Owing to my excellent communication skills and client-focused approach, I believe I will be able to make a positive contribution to your organization. The attached resume details my spa and massage skills precisely.

As a resourceful and methodical spa therapist, I would like to meet with you to discuss how my experience and abilities would be beneficial for Elite Massage and Spa. I will contact you within five working days to set up a meeting time. I can be reached at (000) 000-9999.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Anna Smith

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