Massage Therapy Objective Statements

Updated on: March 12, 2018


It may not be enough just to use work ethics in a massage therapy resume objective.

While these too need to be made evident, you have to make sure that you provide a little more information than mere basic data on how well-suited you are for a job.

Consider talking about your ability to provide immediate benefit to the company through well-developed skills in the area that you will be hired.

The purpose of a massage therapist resume objective needs to be understood before it is written. A resume objective is used to introduce yourself by mentioning your strongest traits in spa and massage arena.

It then goes on to emphasize that you are a reliable individual who will start contributing immediately after hiring. When you write a resume objective, you must ensure that you mention the name of the company and the position that you want to apply for.

This will provide the reader with a view that you did not write one core resume and sent it to 15 different places. Since customized resumes are given more favor, you will be at an advantage if you make your resume stand out by writing a dedicated resume objective.

If it is a massage therapist position that you are applying for, you might find the following resume objective statements helpful:


Sample Objective Statements for Massage Therapy Resume


For Entry Level / Less Experience / Career Changers

• Desire a position as a Massage Therapist at Four Seasons utilizing exceptional skills in using both props and products to provide therapeutic services to guests.

• To work as a Massage Therapist at Nirvana providing the benefit of expertise in performing therapeutic massages of soft tissues and joints. Well-versed in managing pain brought through chronic illnesses and accidents.

• To work for Deep Delve as a Spa and Massage Therapist. Offering the ability to determine clients’ therapy needs and create and implement massage therapy programs to ensure their comfort on both physical and mental levels.

For Experienced Candidates

• Looking for a position as a Massage Therapist at Ritz-Carlton. Bringing 5+ years’ track record of determining clients’ massage therapy needs, interviewing them to decipher medical issues and creating and implementing massage therapy plans to meet their specific needs.

• Seeking a Massage Therapist position at The Spa of Isle. Offers 3+ years’ extensive experience in administering therapeutic massage therapies to assist clients in healing their ailments and helping with the management of chronic illnesses such as arthritis and rheumatism.