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Digital Marketing Intern Skills

Regardless of what position you are applying for, or which part of the hierarchy you are aiming for, information for your skills needs to be elicited in a resume. It is imperative if you are applying for a job as a rookie – a position for which you have no experience. In such a situation,… Read More »

Digital Marketing Intern Job Description

Position Overview A digital marketing intern is hired to provide digital marketers with assistance in creating and implementing digital marketing strategies, including SEO and PPC. These people are required to possess a degree in business, with a major in digital marketing, so that they know what the whole deal is, and can help digital marketers… Read More »

Digital Marketing Intern Interview Questions and Answers

There has always been a lot of hullabaloo surrounding interviews. Why? Because many people fail to understand that interviews are no monsters from outer space. They are simply one on one sessions to determine what mettle you possess that makes you an excellent person to hire at a position. A little self-reflection will help you… Read More »

Marketing Manager Resume Accomplishments

One of the worst things that you can do is not keep a track of your professional accomplishments. As time goes by, one often forgets that he or she has had a number of achievements that are worth mentioning to a new or prospective employer. This can become a difficulty when you are trying to… Read More »

Internet Marketing Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Either, you are talented to write a brilliant cover letter or you don’t! There is no in-between! If you know exactly what it is going to take to impress a prospective employer into hiring you immediately, by all means, go ahead and write it! If not, do some research and write one. In either case,… Read More »

Internet Marketing Specialist Resume Sample

A little extra effort when creating an internet marketing specialist resume can go a long way in getting you the professional role of your dreams. Mostly, the resume is considered just something we have to do, so it is written while not being entirely comfortable with the idea of writing one. But if you want… Read More »

Internet Marketing Specialist Job Description

Position Overview An internet marketing specialist or a digital marketing specialist is hired to ensure that the company’s online presence is established and maintained on a constant basis. Owing to the influx of technology in the past decade or so, no organization can expect to stay afloat if it doesn’t get its act together where… Read More »

Digital Marketing Specialist Resume Example

Chances are that if you boast too much about how good you are in a resume, the employer will do a quick Internet search to determine who you really are. That might be good or bad, depending on how clean a trail you have left behind. Online profiles are dead giveaways. They give information on… Read More »

Digital Marketing Specialist Cover Letter Sample 2

The revolutionary age of self-marketing is here and it is up to you to make the best of it as a jobseeker. Strong qualifications and smart communication are the basis of gaining wins. If you write your cover letter the same way as most other jobseekers will, you risk blending in with the crowd. Writing… Read More »