Digital Marketing Intern Job Description

Updated on: April 25, 2018

Position Overview

A digital marketing intern is hired to provide digital marketers with assistance in creating and implementing digital marketing strategies, including SEO and PPC.

These people are required to possess a degree in business, with a major in digital marketing, so that they know what the whole deal is, and can help digital marketers in a professional capacity.


Obtaining a digital marketing internship means that you are willing to work in a highly analytic, and fast-paced environment.

You must possess a plethora of skills, including exceptional writing and editing abilities, excellent web development comprehension, excellent project management skills, and a great ability to handle a wide variety of tasks at the same time.

Since you will primarily be working with a digital marketing manager or specialist, it is imperative that you understand the work, and can work in different capacities related to it. Moreover, it is essential for people hoping to obtain an internship in a digital marketing capacity to be able to measure and report on the performance of digital marketing campaigns, and design and build the company’s social media presence as well.

As a digital marketing intern, you will be expected to learn the trade and provide assistance with many areas, including identifying trends and insights and brainstorming new and creative growth strategies. Some duties that you will be responsible for are listed below:

Digital Marketing Intern Duties & Responsibilities

• Provide support in the creation and implementation of digital marketing campaigns and technologies.

• Support with research work to determine SEO and PPC requirements, and ensure comfort to their application.

• Helped digital marketers in designing, building, and maintaining the company’s social media presence.

• Assist in the identification of trends and insights, and brainstorm new and creative growth strategies.

• Create and manage link building activities, develop engaging content for websites.

• Perform activities to drive traffic to the company’s website, and keep abreast of new and emerging social media sites.

• Serve in updating current digital marketing campaigns, and create and develop new ones.

• Monitor and analyze content success, and ensure that all ideas are properly implemented according to established protocols.

• Design website marketing banners, and assist in the creation and upload of images and content to the company website.

• Perform research to uncover new online media opportunities, and develop strategies to acquire benefit from them.

• Perform keyword searches, and handle web statistic reporting work, by following set protocols.

• Develop and execute digital marketing plans from inception through to completion.

• Develop and map out editorial calendars, and ensure that they are followed in an accurate manner.