If you intend to meet with your prospective employer and going to hand over your Marketing Assistant resume by yourself, you do not need a cover letter.

However, if you are sending your resume through email or postal mail / USPS, you must include a cover letter as it is the only opportunity you will have to introduce yourself.

Here is a sample that can help you write your very own cover letter for Marketing Assistant Resume.



Marketing Assistant Cover Letter Example



Richard Leeson

543 Whispering Pines Ave ● Heath, OH 88111 ● (000) 875-5272 ● richard @ email . com

October 13, 2017

Mr. Daniel Carter
Staffing Manager
ABC Company
441 Edgecliff Drive
Heath, OH 88866


Dear Mr. Carter:

As an enthusiastic individual who enjoys taking new challenges, I am interested in applying for the job of a Marketing Assistant with the ABC Company. Since my work experience is largely related with marketing and promotional activities, I believe that I have a lot to contribute to your company.

My customer focused personality and friendly demeanour are two traits that would enable me running successful campaigns. It is because of these traits that I had been able to perform a huge array of tasks including; generating ideas for promotional activities, assisting with requests for proposals, gathering relevant data, organizing high-profile events and assisting in production of new market collateral.

Living in the times of high technology, I possess the capacity to maintain a social media presence and able to act as liaison with vendors. My capabilities extend to understanding the need for expediting clerical work and I strive hard to coordinate all aspects in order to bring about a perfect marketing plan.

If you ate finding ways to make the most of your marketing activities, I can make a difference. I will call you next week to see if a formal interview could be arranged and will be available at (000) 875-5272 in case you would like to contact me before that.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Richard Leeson

Attachment: Resume