6 Patient Access Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Updated December 16, 2022
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Interviews judge how well you perform under pressure. It is critical to prepare for an interview in advance so that you do not crack.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers to help you along:

Patient Access Manager Interview Questions & Answers

1. What has been your journey to the position of patient access manager?
Seven years ago, I began working as a front desk representative in a hospital, while I was studying for my health management degree. My efforts in handling intakes and registrations were recognized when I obtained my degree, and I was trained and promoted to the position of patient access manager. I have been working in this capacity for five years now.

2. As a patient access manager, what have been your principal duties?
While working as a patient access manager, I have been actively involved in many areas, such as overseeing the delivery of inpatient and outpatient registration, handling scheduling activities, managing complaints, ensuring that all intake and registration activities are being performed according to the procedure, developing and implementing patient access policies and protocols, processing patients through clinic systems, handling consent forms, and overseeing staff members’ training and development needs.

3. Patient access managers need to possess a plethora of skills. How much do you agree?
Working as a patient access manager is no walk in the park. There is so much that one has to do, and all of it has to be done well, because of the immense amount of responsibility on one’s shoulders. I completely agree that a patient access manager needs to possess exceptional skills, and a lot of them to be able to do justice to this work.

4. What type of skills does one need to work successfully as a patient access manager?
To be able to honestly do justice to the work of a patient access manager, one has to possess exceptional skills in handling people. Knowledge of patient registration methods and a great ability to manage them profoundly is necessary. Outstanding oral and written communication skills are also a prerequisite for working as a patient access manager. In addition to this, one must be well-versed in organizing things and handling problems before they convert into crises.

5. What is your biggest strength in this role?
As a patient access manager, my biggest strength is my ability to handle a wide variety of tasks at the same time, which is where most people in this role fail.

6. What are your 5-year plans?
I am aiming to eventually work in a director capacity, within the umbrella of patient access management.