Marketing Internship Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 22, 2019

Websites are full of guidelines and tips for cover letter writing; however, what most sites do not tell you is what to include in a cover letter.

If you are applying for an entry-level internship, then you are probably a student, and this might as well be your first cover letter.


How to Write a Marketing Internship Cover Letter?

Here is a list of essentials for your cover letter for marketing internship:

• Your cover letter should express your interest in the position along with a solid reason. Tell them why you are interested in the specific position at the specific firm you are applying at.

• Tell them what qualifies you for the position and which competencies render you a perfect match for the same.

• Reflect on your skills and traits applicable to the role, make sure the attributes you mention are meaningful for the employer.

• State your plan of action regarding how you intend to follow up, be proactive!


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Marketing Internship Cover Letter Sample



Lilly Joseph
766 Kimberly Sq, Austin, TX 54331
(008) 555-2222
lilly @ email . com

July 22, 2019

Mr. Martin Bernie
HR Manager
766 Cotton Ave
Austin, TX 54331


Dear Mr. Bernie:

It is with continued interest and enthusiasm that I respond to your marketing internship posting cited recently at An energetic student majoring in Marketing, I am confident that I possess the expertise and dedication that will make a significant contribution to the efficacy of your marketing team.

As a detail-oriented, highly passionate, and analytical minded candidate, I offer Bancvue the following competencies, which directly aligns with your job description:

✔ Substantial knowledge of current brand marketing strategies, able to develop strategies for brand promotion on the web

✔ Remarkable skills in basic computer programs, marketing software, WordPress, keynote and indesign

✔ Adept at understanding nature and dynamics of client business, conducting campaign analysis and compiling analysis reports. Trained in choosing and applying appropriate marketing tools and business optimization strategies

I plan to give you a call later this week to answer any queries you may have regarding my qualifications. I am also reachable earlier at (006) 333-2222. I can’t wait to join the committed marketing team at Bancvue and start contributing to the company’s progress.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to seeing you in an interview.



Lilly Joseph

Encl. Resume

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