Are you pursuing a degree in Business Administration and need to obtain experience through an internship? The first step in this regard is to build an impressive resume. Resume writing for an internship is a tricky task therefore students usually find it very daunting.

MBA internships are a requirement of most degree courses and are not always paid. However, they give students a very good opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their respective field such as marketing, finance, human resources and the like. An MBA intern might not be assigned important tasks, but working with a team and watching them work closely adds up a lot to the student’s potential. An MBA internship resume requires a few basic sections like objective, skills, education and qualifications. See the example below to get a better idea.


MBA (Marketing) Internship Resume Sample


Rebecca Jason

rebecca @ email . com
8944 Beverly Villas, Middletown Area, OH 98443
☏ (003) 222-5555, (005) 333-7777

CAREER GOAL: To seek an MBA internship with ABC Company utilizing knowledge of sales and marketing strategies and skills in project administration to enhance the business of the firm.

Ohio State University, Middletown Area, OH
Masters in Business Administration (Marketing) | In progress

• Expected Date of Completion: August 2014
• Majors: Marketing and Retail
• Cumulative GPA: 3.6/ 4.0


Market Analysis for BB Yogurt
Conducted a detailed market survey regarding consumption and consumer preferences for BB yogurt and issued a market analysis report with numerous valuable marketing and production recommendations for the firm.


✔  Innovative thinker✔  Market surveying
✔  Product campaign designing✔  Exceptional Analytical skills
✔  Target market analysis✔  Matchless presentation skills


• Knowledge of production and cost management theories
• Skilled in designing and implementing campaigns for various products
• Creative salesman ship skills coupled with exceptional convincing power and ability to think ‘out of the box’
• Well versed in conducting market analysis and cumulative profit loss analysis

● AutoCAD ● Graphic designing software ● Oracle ● MS Office

Volunteered as marketer for a charity based musical concert campaign held in the university in March 2013

• Active member of the Sales Strategy club for the last one year
• Served as President f the literacy club at college for 2 years
• Participated in various electoral campaigns during university elections