Restaurant General Manager Job Description

Updated on: March 28, 2018

Position Overview

Restaurants are busy places, and they require a proper chain of command to ensure that they run properly.

A general manager is usually at the top of the command line, providing direction to the rest, to ensure that restaurant operations are run properly.

Working in this position is challenging to say the least, as one is constantly on the go, ensuring that all aspects are streamlined properly.

Position Requirements

To work as a restaurant general manager, you have to possess a degree in hospitality. Prior experience in a management capacity in a restaurant will go a long way in making you an eligible person to hire at this position.

Moreover, you will need to possess excellent leadership skills, an exceptional knack for working with people from different backgrounds, a friendly nature so that you can deal with adversity, and the capability to handle crises situations.

While working as a general manager at a restaurant, you will be expected to manage all aspects of a restaurant, including security, inventory, and staff scheduling. While you will be overseeing people handle all this work, it will be your duty to make sure that everything is in order, and that any issues or problems are handled urgently.

If you are up for working in this extremely challenging role, have a look at the following list of job duties particular to the position of a restaurant general manager:

Restaurant General Manager Responsibilities

• Create, develop, and implement policies and procedures to ensure that restaurant operations are led properly.

• Establish business plans for the restaurant, through surveys, conference with communities, and competition identification.

• Create and implement marketing plans to get the word out about the restaurant, aiming at increased business opportunities.

• Ascertain that the restaurant’s financial objectives are met through appropriate development and implementation of budgets.

• Maintain operations through the preparation of staff schedules and deployment, ensuring that all shifts are adequately covered.

• Oversee the work of staff members and managers, to ensure delivery of excellent food and beverage services.

• Handle complaints in a positive manner, and following the restaurant’s policies and procedures.

• Oversee the work of kitchen staff, ensuring that food preparation activities are being carried out correctly.

• Lead teams to ensure that all restaurant areas are adequately maintained and cleaned, as per rules and regulations.

• Assume responsibility for the security of the restaurant, by ensuring that all alarm system is properly placed, and are in good working order.