Bricklayers work in the construction field where their responsibilities include building and repairing structures made of bricks. This may include constructing the outside of a building or inside depending in the project.

To hunt a job as a bricklayer, you need to build a good resume along with a cover letter

Let us look at a resume sample of a person applying for a Bricklayer job.



Bricklayer Resume Sample


Peter Mason

225 White Street, San Diego, CA 43414
(808) 989-9999, Email

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as a Bricklayer with Formal Construction Co. using excellent physical dexterity and a keen knowhow of different kinds of bricks, pre-cut stone and building blocks.

• Seven years of applied experience as a Bricklayer
• Highly skilled in building and repairing structures from the inside and the outside
• Hands on experience of using trowels and other equipment to complete projects
• In depth knowledge of using steel beams and mortar appropriately

• Built a complex building structure with inconsistent measurements with precision and accuracy
• Promoted from general maintenance worker to bricklayer in three months following excellence in work ethics and competence


Core Construction Co.
Bricklayer | Apr 2006 – May 2012

• Laid bricks according to the demands of the structure
• Constructed fireplaces, walls, floors and partitions as instructed
• Used marble, cinder, terracotta and concrete to construct structures
• Mixed cement according to set guidelines
• Cut and saw bricks as needed

Diploma | San Diego High School, San Diego, CA  – 2005

• Excellent physical dexterity
• Demonstrated ability to read and interpret blueprints
• Able to follow written and oral instructions
• Ability to loft up to 70lbs
• Excellent communication skills