Project Manager Resume Summary Examples

Updated on March 16, 2018

The term “project manager” can be used in a variety of settings – you may be working as a project manager for a conservation organization or a manufacturer.

So when you begin preparing your resume, make sure that you write a resume summary which is relevant to the type of position that you have applied for.

A summary of project manager resume focuses on the job listing, carefully delivering information of a candidate’s abilities to do the job. These are essential sections on resumes and need to be delved into deeply before you can move on to the next part.

Focusing on how well you fit into an organization is the end all and be all of a resume summary. For confusing designations such as that of a project manager, you will need to explicitly chart out what it is that you are so good at managing – what kind of projects?

Test yourself on questions by imagining that a prospective employer is asking them.

Ask yourself what you can bring to a company as a project manager and how you intend to become invaluable to the company. Every little detail will matter, provided that you place it in a way that it does not seem exaggerated or out of place. Use short sentences where possible and stick to the truth. Do not write a resume summary that is longer than four lines.

Project Manager Resume Summary Examples


• Top-performing, strategic-thinker with more than five years of experience in project management. Adept at coordinating internal resources and third parties to ensure flawless execution of assigned projects.

• Dedicated and enthusiastic project manager with 15+ years’ extensive experience in managing large scale projects from the initial requirements-gathering phase to completion. Consistently receive positive feedback from supervisors and co-workers following exceptional ability to lead projects to fruition in a time-efficient manner.

• Enthusiastic project manager with a 9-plus-year successful track record. Proven ability to develop and implement detailed project plans to monitor and track project processes. Proficient in ensuring on-time deliverables by ensuring effective coordination of resources and workforce.

• Project manager with proven ability to leverage technology to develop and implement core project plans, based on initial work orders. Experienced in performing risk management activities to minimize project risks.

• Highly experienced project manager with demonstrated expertise in determining project objectives, organizing and arranging resources and ensuring smooth pace and on-time delivery of assigned projects.

• Energized project manager with documented success in planning, estimating and organizing the overall implementation of assigned projects. Competent at providing daily direction, motivation, and support to project team in a bid to ensure that project specifications and deadlines are met.