Certified Case Manager Professional Summary Examples

Updated on: December 17, 2015


It does not take a genius to determine why a professional summary on a case manager resume is as important as people say that it is. But let us reiterate the facts for you anyway. A professional summary is probably the only reason your resume can come across as a document that is enjoyable to read. Otherwise, no matter how well you build your resume, it will always fall short of expectations, not because of what you have written but because of the general aura of a resume.

When you write a good professional summary, you are giving your resume a shape – the professional summary decides which direction your resume will take. A professional summary isn’t much more than a short paragraph of self-praise that marks the beginning of your resume. While some people argue that professional summaries and cover letters are the same and that you can forego one if you have done the other, it is not the right thing to do. Professional summaries summarize the resume. Cover letters build up on them. The difference is profound! Do not confuse yourself here.

In a summary, you will only provide a hint of your capabilities and experiences. The point is to enhance the reader’s interest in your resume for case manager position, which otherwise will not be too deep. For examples on what a professional summary looks likes, refer below:

Certified Case Manager Professional Summary Examples

• Certified case manager with 8+ years’ first-hand experience in coordinating safe, timely and effective patient care according to each patients’ individual needs. Patient-centered and equitable with exceptional focus on helping patients achieve targets for wellness and autonomy.

• Results-driven, energized certified case manager with a strong ability to facilitate multiple care aspects, including care coordination and information sharing. Adept at developing effective relationships with clients and service providers to ensure delivery of exceptional healthcare.

• Responsible and reliable case manager with progressive experience in effectively arranging abeyances with social services and government agencies. Focused on going the extra mile to interact with clients / patients and to keep a thorough check on their mental and physical health conditions.

• Experienced certified case manager known for promoting quality and cost-effective interventions and outcomes through delivery of exceptional support services. Proficient in completing intake interviews, determining individual client’s requirements and ensuring delivery of correlating health services.

• A certified case manager with 14 years’ successful track record of identifying clients’ needs, developing and implementing client-focused case management plans and educating families about processes.

• Responsible and goal-oriented individual with over 10 years of experience working as a certified case manager. Strengths lies in identifying and addressing client risk factors and obstacles to care and ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to counter them.