Nurse Case Manager Skills for Resume

Updated on: January 26, 2018

Skills. One just cannot do without them.

It is imperative that you write your skills statements in a profound manner. Now, skills statements cannot be written in any way you deem alright. There is a certain pattern that you need to work on.

A statement that tells a hiring manager that you are the best out of the lot, is a successful one. And you cannot stop at one.

In fact, you have to list several before you have the chance to be considered a great contender for the job. Each skills statement needs to be complete where information is concerned, and it has to possess the right “flavor”.

Some skills statement for a nurse case manager position are provided below, for you to take ideas from:


Sample Skills for Nurse Case Manager Resume

• Demonstrated ability to create, develop, and implement core nursing plans to meet the individual needs of each assigned patient.

• Effectively able to modify existing patient care plans, to ensure that the dynamic and ongoing requirements of each patient are met.

• Familiar with directing the day to day functions of nursing staff members, and overseeing their work on a regular basis.

• Deep familiarity with periodically reviewing the department’s policies, and procedure manuals, and making recommendations for revisions.

• Proficient in overseeing and ensuring the delivery of competent, and quality patient care at all times.

• Adept at providing education to patients and their families, regarding obtainment of healthcare, and ways of handling in-home care, once charged.

• Exceptionally talented in assessing new patients, and updating and revising patient health care plans and options.

• Documented success in efficiently implementing physician’s orders, and nursing procedures, according to set protocols and rules.

• Proven ability to accurately create, and implement patients’ medical records, placing special focus on the integrity and confidentiality of each piece of information

• Track record of effectively providing emotional and physical support to patients and their families.