Janitorial Manager Resume: 2 Samples & Job Description

Updated on: March 10, 2023

You will find janitorial managers working in any place that needs cleaning – which means every conceivable environment.

They are expected to oversee janitorial staff and ensure that all custodial services are being carried out with precision and in a time-efficient manner.

They are also responsible for the safety of the place where they work regarding finding out possible accident hazards and reporting them to the appropriate authorities.

The following are 2 resume samples for the Janitorial Manager position. You can customize this according to your specifications and apply for a job in this regard.

Janitorial Manager Resume Example 1

Luke Walker
Columbus, OH
(000) 587-5214
lukewalker @ email . com


Highly skilled janitorial service manager with exceptional leadership skills, boasting of demonstrated expertise in overseeing the work of janitorial staff. Well-versed in creating and implementing staff schedules, and ensuring that all work is done as per implemented schedule.

• Able to select and assign duties to staff, and leverage their skills appropriately
• Effectively able to evaluate and verify staff performance through review of completed work and techniques
• Competent in identifying staff development needs, and ensuring that training is provided on an ongoing basis
• Proven ability to oversee and lead janitorial staff to carry out well-placed custodial activities

✓ Staff Development ✓ Scheduling
✓ Cleaning and Maintenance ✓ Custodial Coverage
✓ Safety Methods ✓ Technique Development
✓ Supplies Management ✓ Inventory Control
✓ Vendor Liaison ✓ Complaint Handling
✓ Training and Development ✓ Staff Motivation

• Implemented a series of training methods, which proved to be 50% more workable than the ones already in place.
• Retained the same staff members for over 6 years, by providing them with skill development opportunities.
• Introduced a novel inventory control procedure, which was 75% more efficient than the one being used.
• Reduced cost of cleaning supplies, by bringing onboard a less expensive, yet high-quality vendor.


Janitorial Supervisor
Maintenance Inc., Columbus, OH
6/2017 – Present
• Create schedules for each staff member, and ensure that he or she follows it properly
• Train new members of the janitorial staff to handle cleaning, maintenance, and sanitization duties
• Assist staff members with cleaning and maintenance duties, during instances of insufficient staff
• Provide leadership by showing the ropes to both existing and new crew members
• Oversee janitorial work performed at all assigned sites, and intervene to improve quality
• Ensure that all bathroom supplies such as towels and soap are replenished on time
• Oversee the inventory of supplies and cleaning equipment, and ensure that low-stock situations do not arise
• Create and maintain liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely and accurate delivery of cleaning supplies

Goodwill Inc., Columbus, OH
2/2011 – 5/2017
• Cleaned assigned areas such as floors, counters, and curbs
• Mixed the right amounts of cleaning agents, and ensured proper sanitization of assigned areas
• Polished wooden and brass furniture and fixtures, and ensured that they were dusted and buffed as required
• Waxed floors, and erected signboards to ward off chances of accidents
• Properly put away all cleaning supplies and equipment at the end of each shift

High School Diploma
St. Columbus High School, Columbus, OH 

Janitorial Manager Resume Example 2

Jacksons Gap, AL
(000) 699-8887


Poised to ensure safe and clean premises for the company.

• Highly responsible, motivated, and detail-oriented Janitorial Manager with 6 years track record of success.
• Proven leadership and management experience with the ability to lead multiple personnel simultaneously.
• Solution-driven, mentor, and coach who relates well to people, coworkers, and staff.
• Highly conversant in planning and managing work schedules.
• Well-versed in establishing and implementing core operations standards.
• In-depth knowledge of chemicals and equipment used in managing janitorial work and following safety procedures for every process.


Janitorial Manager
Creative Solutions, Jacksons Gap, AL
Jan 2020 – Present
• Assign schedules and ensure that all schedules are followed
• Oversee appliance and equipment repair and maintenance
• Manage cleaning activities inside buildings
• Oversee mopping and dusting activities
• Train new hires in managing vacuuming and shampooing activities
• Motivate employees constantly
• Manage complaints

Creative Solutions, Jacksons Gap, AL
Feb 2016 – Jan 2007
• Scrubbed and cleaned floors and other surfaces
• Shampooed carpets and performed vacuuming activities
• Dusted furniture and cleaned bathrooms
• Clean sinks and countertops along with performing general maintenance on microwaves and refrigerators
• Cleaned windows and emptied trash cans

High School Diploma
Jacksons Gap High School, Jacksons Gap, AL

• Excellent physical dexterity
• Ability to work on a rotating shift
• Exceptional communication skills
• Strong organizational and multitasking skills

 Janitorial Manager Job Description for Resume

  • Create schedules for each member of the janitorial staff, and ensure that they adhere to them throughout the shift.
  • Provide training to ensure that they perform their work duties in a proper manner.
  • Oversee the work of personnel to ensure that cleaning, maintenance, and sanitation duties are properly managed.
  • Assist in comprehending the use of chemicals for sanitation purposes, and ensure that safety precautions are taken into account.
  • Participate in the staff member selection process, interviewing candidates, and selecting them on a merit basis.
  • Assess the work of each member, to determine his or her work quality, and provide feedback as necessary.
  • Create and maintain effective and consistent relationships with vendors and suppliers, to ensure timely and accurate delivery of supplies and equipment.
  • Ensure that janitorial staff members replenish supplies in each bathroom and restroom, in a timely manner.
  • Inspect work on each assigned floor, and provide guidance and feedback to staff members.
  • Ensure that custodial services meet the needs of the organization, and develop an effective team of janitorial personnel, according to required standards.

Position Requirements

Working as a janitorial manager may only require a high school diploma or a GED equivalent as far as formal education goes, but one does need to be exceptionally skilled for it.

You cannot begin working at this position at the entry-level – you have to have had a great experience in a janitorial position, and then some in a supervisory one. Candidates who have worked in similar positions before are always considered great options to hire.

In order to be considered eligible for this position, it is imperative that you possess exceptional knowledge of custodial work processes and safety procedures. In addition to this, it is imperative that you possess excellent leadership qualities, and the ability to handle a team or teams of people, ensuring that they work well towards a combined goal.

As a janitorial manager, it is important that you are knowledgeable about operating chemical dispensing units, and properly labeling chemicals. Moreover, you have to be exceptionally organized, and possess the ability to multitask.