Hospital Cleaning Supervisor Job Description2 min read

Updated on: October 25, 2016

Hospitals may be places where diseases and illnesses are cured, but they can be breeding grounds for illnesses and diseases too! That is, if they are not kept clean and sanitized on a constant basis. The prime reason for hiring a hospital cleaning supervisor is to ensure that all cleanliness and sanitization issues are handled properly and in a time efficient manner.


It is important for a hospital cleaning supervisor to possess a high school diploma, GED or equivalent, if he or she wants to work at this position. Experience in a janitorial role goes a long way in convincing hiring managers to choose an individual to hire– one who has worked as part of the custodial staff in a hospital setting previously, will of course know at least some of the things that are important to do while overseeing this type of work in a hospital. A hospital cleaning supervisor must know everything there is to know about cleaning work, including safe ways of disposing of hospital waste.

As a cleaning supervisor in a hospital setting, you will need to be on your feet constantly, if you want to ensure a good standard of cleaning and maintenance. Some of the important duties of a hospital cleaning supervisor includes:

Hospital Cleaning Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

• Create schedules for custodial staff to follow on a daily basis and ensure that they are followed properly
• Provide cleaners with supplies and equipment, such as cloths, disinfectant, washing agents and mops to assist them in their cleaning endeavors
• Oversee cleaning work done by the crew to ensure that it has been done to standard and according to procedures
• Interview, hire and train cleaning crew members to ensure that all rotating shifts are full
• Create and maintain inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment, and ensure appropriate liaison with vendors to ensure prompt delivery of both
• Ascertain that all chemical and hospital waste is properly disposed of by following set procedures and protocols of the hospital
• Oversee the disinfection and cleaning of hospital areas, including rooms, bathrooms, lobbies and doctors’ offices
• Keep abreast of equipment repair or supplies replenishment needs and ensure that they are timely fulfilled
• Ascertain that custodial staff members actively clean and turn patients’ mattresses, and change linen on a daily basis
• Oversee the work of housekeeping staff, specifically laundry staff members to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of clean linen to rooms and wards
• Address patients’ or families’ complaints and ensure a quick resolution to ensure their satisfaction