Janitorial Manager Cover Letter

Updated: January 3, 2018

Janitorial Manager cover letters are not as hard to write, as they are made out to be.

In fact, writing a cover letter is no big deal if you know exactly where it will take you.

The only problem that you might face is if you do not bother with the research part. Yes, there is a research part that you have to look out for, which entails that you find out exactly what it is that the hiring manager is looking for.

Writing a cover letter begins with collecting information first. Once you have a list of all the skills and accomplishments that you have to your name, penning down a cover letter is no big deal.

However, you do need to figure out what it is that makes a cover letter utterly awesome. Your way of writing it, and the information that you decide to put into it is what makes it the best.

Here is a sample:


Janitorial Manager Cover Letter Sample


January 3, 2017

Mr. Craig Mason
Human Resource Manager
C & W Services
8374 Binbrook Road N
Columbus, OH 18364


Dear Mr. Mason:

Starting out at the very bottom of the organization hierarchy as far as janitorial work is concerned, has made me comprehend and appreciate each and every step that is involved in ensuring a building’s environment, in pristine condition. Having climbed up the ladder to the position of a janitorial manager through sheer hard work and perseverance, makes me an excellent contender to be considered for the same position at C & W Services.

Creating staff schedules, and ensuring that each staff member adheres to them is one of my strongest points. Since I am well-aware of all the work processes involved in handling the cleaning of a building (both interior and exterior), I will be an instant contributor to your facility.

Not only am I experienced in overseeing and training personnel to handle the intricacies of janitorial work, I am also well-versed in performing all complex custodial activities myself. My dedication and hard work can be measured from several of my accomplishments, the most recent one being oversight of two apartment buildings at the same time.

I am positive that you will be impressed with my credentials if discussed in a face to face meeting. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.




Denver Kutcher
(000) 587-9598
Attachment: (Resume)