Household Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: April 11, 2021

While researching different ways to create a resume for a particular position, you will discover that there are different names for positions with the same job description. Do not let it confuse you; instead, take advantage of this.

For instance, if you are about to write a resume for a nanny position and come across a job description for a babysitter, you have not landed on the wrong page. Most duties of a nanny and a babysitter overlap. Take information from both to create a good resume.

Look below for a resume sample to help you:

Sample Resume for Household Manager Position

Victoria Scott
539 E Kelly Street
Indianapolis, IN 18363
(000) 999-9999 
vicscot @ email . com


An organized, hardworking, and dependable household manager with over 10+ years of experience in managing household calendars and schedules and handling event planning and coordination duties. Well-versed in supervising household staff by ensuring that appropriate scheduling and duty deliverables.

• Skilled in overseeing the maintenance and repair needs to ensure a well-kept house
• Proficient in interviewing, selecting, hiring and training, and directing household staff members
• Adept at maintaining household security by employing vigilant watch to ward off potential threats
• Demonstrated expertise in handling menu planning to meet the nutritional needs of each family member

• Decreased cost of buying household supplies by 30% by suggesting that purchases be carried out in bulk
• Reduced electricity overheads $6000/year by employing energy-saving tactics such as maximum use of sunlight during the day and installation of solar panels
• Increased household staff efficiency by 50% by constantly motivating them to perform better and rewarding staff members who work well
• Warded off a potential burglary by promptly calling in the authorities after noticing suspicious activities in the CCTV cameras


Household Manager
(6/2012 to Present)
• Handle household schedules and calendars by conferring with family members about their daily tasks
• Provide reminders to family members regarding everyday work and appointments
• Handle details of special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and dinners
• Arrange appointments for each family member at hospitals and spas
• Create household staff schedules and ensure that they follow them precisely
• Oversee the work of household staff members and assist or direct them when required
• Assist children with their homework and look after them while parents are away
• Create weekly menus and ensure that the cooking staff follows them on a daily basis
• Run errands such as bill paying and grocery shopping
• Oversee laundry handling and ensure that cleaned clothes are properly folded and put away
• Welcome guests and seat them in designating sitting areas
• Observe CCTV footage to ensure that all is well within the boundaries of the house

Executive Housekeeper
QUINN & ASSOCIATES, Indianapolis, IN
(1/2010 to 6/2012)
• Swept and mopped floors in living rooms, bedroom, and hallways
• Washed and sanitized bathrooms and ensured that supplies are replenished
• Dusted furniture and fixtures and ensured that any repair needs around the house are immediately looked into
• Washed, dried, and ironed clothes and placed them in appropriate places
• Handled dishwashing and cooking duties according to specifics provided by the household manager or family members
• Ensured the cleanliness and maintenance of household appliances such as irons, dishwashers washing machines and ovens

Associate of Arts in Sociology
CITY COLLEGE, Indianapolis, IN – 2009

• Scheduling
• Staff Evaluation
• Staff Training
• Meal Preparation
• Housekeeping
• Calendar Maintenance
• Tutoring
• Special Events Direction
• Childcare
• Errand Running
• Staff Direction
• Inventory Management