Household Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated April 2, 2022
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Household Manager Position Overview

Household managers are responsible for providing professional domestic services aimed at ensuring the smooth operations of a busy household.

They are usually hired by large households where a single individual cannot handle many tasks that are needed to keep a house in order.

Depending on what their duties are, a household manager may be required to oversee the work of other domestic staff or perform cooking and cleaning activities himself.

Typically, a household manager job description includes supervising household staff such as cooks, maids, drivers, and gardeners.

As part of their duties, household managers also run errands for homeowners and handle household calendars.

During events such as dinners and birthdays, household managers greet and tend to guests as well.

Some homeowners also require household managers to perform the duties of a nanny.

If you want to work as a household manager, you will have to ensure that you exercise discretion and confidentiality at all times.

Since you will be working closely with a family, you must make sure that you remain within the parameters of prudence at all times.

Household Manager Duties and Responsibilities

• Take orders from homeowners on a daily basis
• Properly coordinate the schedules for all household staff members
• Assign duties to cooks, maids, gardeners, and chauffeurs and make sure that they are carried out properly
• Provide adequate training to all household staff
• Monitor all members of the household staff to make sure that they are working in accordance to work orders provided to them
• Oversee the maintenance of the house and ensure that any maintenance needs are met immediately
• Hire and direct household staff to perform duties entrusted to them
• Organize and run parties and other events by tending to guests
• Handle travel arrangements for homeowners and assist them with packing activities
• Run errands such as shopping and paying bills
• Perform cooking and laundry duties depending on specific work orders
• Serve as a point of contact for emergencies and urgent queries
• Ensure a clean and safe environment for homeowners
• Communicate repair and maintenance needs to homeowners and coordinate maintenance efforts with staff and external vendors
• Perform childcare services and accompany children to school and activities

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