Front of House Manager Job Description

Updated on: December 22, 2018

Position Overview

The fact that good customer services can take your business to great heights, is enough to want to hire specialized staff for each area.

It is especially important to ensure that a restaurant business is kept running smoothly, so that customer satisfaction can be guaranteed.

In order to be able to do this, restaurant owners hire a large variety of people to perform different tasks – one such position is that of a front of house manager.

A front of house manager makes sure that the day to day management of the restaurant is done in a perfect manner.

They do not only handle dine-in customers – in some instances, they may also provide assistance and oversight to the restaurant’s catering side.

The main idea behind hiring a front of house manager is to make sure that a team of house staff is managed and their work is overseen.

Typically, the front of house managers open and close the restaurant, ensure cleanliness and maintenance, manage inventories, handle reservations and wait lists, and make customer satisfaction a top priority.

Here is a list of duties that you will be performing on a typical day at work in a front of house manager capacity:

Front of House Manager Job Description Sample

• Greet restaurant patrons as they arrive and consult reservation lists to confirm their reservations.

• Manage both reservation and wait-lists to ensure that patrons are seated with the minimum wait time.

• Coordinate the services of wait staff to ensure the delivery of timely and exceptional services to all patrons.

• Enforce and monitor all health, food safety and sanitation standards within the restaurant.

• Assist catering staff with function management duties by providing insight and help with logistics.

• Oversee the work of the wait staff to ensure timely delivery of orders and appropriate portioning of meals.

• Coordinate and oversee the implementation of policies, standards, specifications, guidelines and training programs within the restaurant.

• Prepare schedules for staff members and ensure that their duties are communicated to them at the beginning of their shift.

• Create and maintain liaison with suppliers and vendors to ensure timely and accurate delivery of supplies, including food items, crockery, and furniture.

Front of House Manager Qualifications

Eligibility criteria to work as a front of house manager includes a high school diploma or an equivalent, although some restaurant owners may prefer that you hold a degree in hospitality.

But if you have great people skills and have managed a restaurant in some capacity before, you may be considered a good choice to hire.