House Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: April 23, 2018


There are many reasons to make sure that your resume is the best that a hiring manager is seen.

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House Manager Resume Example



Franny Hadid
5412 Cooper Street, Casper, WY 18374
(000) 999-9999


11+ years’ in the house management, with a proven record of success in overseeing complicated issues related to functions, aimed at ensuring well-placed operability of the facility. Focused on providing exceptional services to planning, organizing, and coordinating residents’ calendars and schedules.


Facility Management Emergency Handling Operability Assurance
Security Checking Inventory Management Equipment Monitoring
Resident Oversight Training and Development Home Operations Oversight
Community Support Maintenance and Repair Records Management

• Consistently ensured operability excellence, in all areas assigned under the house management program.
• Implemented a series of security measures, ensuring the safety of all members of the resident facility.
• Trained over 60 people to work as support staff, in a house management capacity.
• Overhauled the facility inventory management process, making it 65% more efficient than before.


House Manager
D&S Community Services, Casper, WY                     2012-Present
• Create and implement core facility management plans, and ensure that they are constantly modified to meet the dynamic needs of residents.
• Register new residents, and provide them with information on rules and regulations of the facility.
• Ascertain that all rooms or suites are carefully assigned, and any issues about them are handled according to protocol.
• Coordinate the safety and security of the facility, by ensuring implementation of core safety programs.
• Respond to emergency situations and incidents that may threaten the safety and security of the facility.
• Oversee and maintain house supplies and equipment inventory, ensuring that low stock situations do not arise.
• Report any security issues to the house director, and assist in quickly resolving them.
• Monitor the activities of maintenance and repair staff, aiming to ensure that both are correctly handled.

House Officer
Phoenix House, Casper, WY                    2007-2012
• Assisted house managers in the implementation of operations plans.
• Provided support by handling paperwork associated with new residents.
• Ascertained that new residents were shown their facilities, and responded to related inquiries.
• Oversaw the general upkeep and maintenance of assigned areas within the house.
• Created and maintained logs of current and new residents, by following strict confidential policies.

Casper High School, Casper, WY – 2005
High School Diploma