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Updated on: October 15, 2022

Looking for catering manager job opportunities that best match your qualifications is easy if you can possibly separate the gold from the sand.

It is imperative that the right set of eyes sees your resume and that it does not go to just anyone within a company.

The people who are responsible for the critical decision to hire you are the ones that need to see your resume – and not ones that may not give it much thought.

So which type of a catering manager resume will be considered as “gold” in your preferred company?

Plain text or full design?

The latter has more pizzazz – a visual appeal is as important as the content and let’s face it, plain text resumes have none of that!

But creating a full design resume for a catering manager position is certainly no joke and requires a lot of work.

Below are 2 samples of a full design resume for a catering manager position:

Catering Manager Resume Sample 1

Sam Neil
456 Banning Street
Wilmington, DE 44331
(000) 900-9999


High energy background in a fast-paced food and beverage environment. Possess outstanding communication skills, superior knowledge of catering procedures, and a passion for excellence in customer service. Demonstrated expertise in procuring food and beverage items for small gatherings and large events. Unique talent for planning appropriate menus according to specific instructions provided by customers.

• Food and beverage • Food quality check
• Vendor relations • Sales maximization
• Stocking • Decorating
• Event planning • Budgeting
• Procurement • Customer service
• Team development • Scheduling

• Organized three events simultaneously for collective guests numbering 3500
• Reduced beverage procurement costs by 50% by buying in bulk from a local vendor
• Increased staff efficiency by 66%, following the implementation of team-building programs
• Kept within budgets for 100% of the catering jobs entrusted to the company
• Utilized modern event planning and management techniques and protocols
• Motivated catering teams to meet their individual and the company’s targets by 100%


Catering Manager
COUNTRY CLUB, Wilmington, DE
6/2018 – Present
• Acquire details of all events to determine the need for catering services
• Plan menus according to the specific interests of the customers and provide them with a feasibility report
• Make suggestions as to which food and beverage items will best suit the type of event being arranged
• Procure the services of external agencies to assist with setting up food and beverage areas at events
• Train internal staff to handle the varying food and beverage needs of events
• Arrange for sufficient tables, chairs, and dishware according to the number of guests
• Plan catering staff schedules and ensure that enough personnel are available for each event
• Monitor the quality of food items and beverages and ensure that a sufficient amount of both is available during events
• Maintain stock levels and inventory and indulge in buying/procurement activities
• Ascertain that the event is appropriately decorated according to specific instructions provided by the customer
• Monitor the refilling of food items on buffet tables and the refilling of drinks
• Respond to customers’ complaints and/or suggestions in a positive manner

Catering Services Aide
1/2012 – 6/2018
• Assisted in procuring supplies and food items for events
• Handled setting up and tearing down of food stations at events
• Interviewed customers to determine their specific catering needs
• Responded to customers’ complaints and resolved operational issues
• Liaised with vendors and suppliers and negotiated bulk prices
• Oversaw the execution of catering services at every event

BS Degree in Food Service Management
Delaware State University, Wilmington, DE – 2008

Catering Manager Resume Sample 2 (Less Experience)

Jeff Ronald
333 Moore Road
Miami, FL 66666
(000) 909-8766
jeff @ email . com

To obtain a position as Catering Manager with Sheraton where my skills in the trade can be utilized to improve the Hotel’s growth and long-term feasibility as a successful business.

• Over 2 years of experience working as a Catering Manager
• Hands-on experience in menu planning, agenda setting, and hotel meeting services
• Advanced knowledge of catering activities within hotels and of the competition
• Highly skilled in understanding revenue management programs in association with catering activities
• Profound knowledge of selling and servicing events
• Good understanding of the importance of maintaining liaison with hotel staff in order to ensure a high level of service
• Technology – MS Office Suite and MS Project


Catering Manager
(Dec 2020 – Present)
• Solicit new accounts as well as existing ones to meet the revenue goals of the hotel
• Sell all facets of the hotel to current and new clients
• Develop strategic business plans
• Researching competition’s products
• Compile a list of customers to use as sales leads
• Recruit and train staff
Key Achievement
• Devised and implemented a training system for new employees within the catering category

Catering Assistant
(Mar 2019 – Dec 2020)
• Managed sales goals, cost of goods, price changes, and waste management
• Played an active part in menu planning, agenda setting, and budget planning
• Maintained stock levels and order new supplies when needed

Associate of Arts Degree in Event Management

• Ability to work constructively under time constraints
• Bilingual – English and Chinese
• Detail oriented

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