Catering Manager Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: October 15, 2022

A catering manager resume is a document that encompasses everything that a candidate is all about, therefore, it is imperative to make it wholesome.

So if you have spent a lot of time making all other sections perfect but have failed to do the same for the accomplishments section, you are making a big mistake.

While focusing on the past is not something that most people advise that you do, dwelling on what you did in the past when you write a resume is important.

The accomplishments section particularly is an important part of the Catering Manager resume. By writing your accomplishments, you are telling a prospective employer that you have achieved a lot in your present or past jobs and you have the capacity to replicate these achievements in a new organization too. 

How to Write Achievements for a Catering Manager Resume?

Under the key accomplishments head, you write your achievements statements by using bullet points. 

Use numbers and figures to emphasize your results in the capacity of a catering manager.

If you feel that the list is going on and on, write just the ones that you feel are the best. Leave the rest for the cover letter or for when you appear for an interview.

But do not leave out this section thinking it is not necessary. Your accomplishments are what make your professional outlook complete. Use them to your benefit.

Here is how you can list accomplishments on your resume for the catering manager position:

Catering Manager Accomplishments and Achievements for Resume

• Planned 4 different types of menus for different customers, including diabetic and health-conscious people.
• Implemented a dynamic staff scheduling system that reduced scheduling problems by 50% by ensuring that staff members are constantly available.
• Increased interest in the catering services of the company by introducing low-cost per-head offers.
• Reduced costs of renting customized tables for children’s events by $5000 by coordinating efforts to have them made by a local carpenter.
• Reorganized the food and beverage inventory system by introducing an online system that reduced problematic run-outs.
• Commended 3 times within 4 months for providing exceptional catering services to company patrons.
• Boosted earnings by 58% by implementing core catering services marketing plans to meet the varying needs of restaurant patrons.
• Trained 6 groups of catering officers to be deployed to the restaurant’s offshore franchises.
• Created a vegetarian dish coined Hula Hoop which received instant acclaim from patrons and increased customer interest in the restaurant.
• Developed and maintained a series of catering marketing plans, which included a comprehensive event planning service, which attracted 15 new corporate clients.