Housemaid Skills Functional Resume Example

Updated on: July 18, 2020

Housemaids perform cleaning and maintenance tasks at the employer’s house to maintain the cleanliness of the work area and keep all things organized.

They are usually responsible for cleaning, laundering, drying and ironing the clothes, and washing kitchen dishes.

If you want to apply for a housemaid position and your objective is to highlight your competencies and skills, then the best way to go about it is through a resume. As a comprehensive document, it can help you much in putting your best face forward.

Take a look at the following Housemaid skill-based or functional resume to get ideas:

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Housemaid Skills Resume Example

Sally Field
7800 Ridgebrook Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI 49102
(000) 210-2541


Service-oriented Housemaid with extensive experience in handling cleaning and maintenance chores in a personal capacity. Highly skilled in delivering excellent services aimed at ensuring the satisfaction of all house members. Cleans and sanitized all areas in sync with set standards


– Kitchen Cleaning

– Inventory Management
– Supplies Replenishment
– Caregiving Services
– Vacuuming
– Cooking and Washing
– Appliances Maintenance

– Trash Disposal
– Window Treatments
– Floor Waxing
– Linen Management
– Cleaning Procedures
– Sweeping
– Errand-Running

• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance on kitchen equipment, resulting in an increased life of appliances.
• Devised a safe waste disposal method, which was considered 85% more efficient.
• Successfully ran all 32 errands entrusted, within the timeframe of 3 days.
• Implemented a new supplies inventory management system, replacing the old, inefficient one.


House Cleaner
Maid Pro, Grand Rapids, MI | 5/2012 – Present
• Assess the situation of assigned areas and create mind plans to clean and maintain them.
• Perform cleaning activities such as dusting, sweeping and mopping
• Vacuum rugs and carpets, and ensure that they are washed on a regular basis.
• Assist in the kitchen by handling food preparation activities, and washing dishes.
• Wash and disinfect bathrooms, ensuring the proper and safe use of cleaning liquids.
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on kitchen and household appliances.
• Handle trash management duties by providing that all dustbins and ashtrays are emptied, and gathered trash is disposed of.
• Run errands such as grocery shopping, bill payments, and the school run, upon specific requests of homeowners.

Domestic Helper
Molly Maids, Grand Rapids, MI | 2/2008 – 5/2012
• Assisted homeowners in performing cleaning tasks such as sweeping and mopping.
• Cleaned windows and doors, and polished furniture according to specified instructions.
• Provided caregiving support in helping children and the elderly with tasks of daily life.
• Prepared food items such as snacks and main meals, and helped serve or pack them.
• Ensured that kitchen equipment was adequately cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

High School Diploma
Grand Rapids High School, Grand Rapids, MI 

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