40 Maid Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: January 6, 2020

Hiring a maid to do your housework can be quite a challenging job. Similarly interviewing someone who is going to look after your house while you are away is also challenging.

But you need to hire the right person so that you can go to work without thinking twice if your house or your belongings are safe or not!

The following are some possible interview questions and answers for the maid interview.

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Maid Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I am a passionate maid who strives hard to get the things done on time. I have a positive ‘can-do’ attitude with the ability to work extended periods of time.

2. How did you learn about this opening?

I was actively looking for a maid position when a neighbor mentioned that there was one open at your hotel.

3. What makes you an excellent person to hire as a maid?

I am a great person to hire as a maid because I have prior experience and associated skills. Particularly, I am well-versed in handling cleaning and sanitizing work, and can effectively handle laundry work as well. Also, I have the ability to fill specific house cleaning requests such as watering plants and performing after-party clean-ups.

4. How much experience do you have as a maid? What were your specific duties in this role?

I have worked as a maid for over ten years in different capacities. From cleaning houses, doing laundry, washing dishes, and cooking to babysitting children, I have done it all over the last decade.

5. What are your strengths?

I know my work inside out, and that is my main strength. I can work non-stop for many hours. And I do not mind taking on extra work when needed.

6. And what is your biggest weakness?

I have trouble saying no. I feel as if it is always my responsibility to do everything that is asked of me, even when the work is not part of my job description.

7. How do you feel about working in a role that demands so much physical strength?

Since I chose to work as a maid, I knew what the work entailed. In fact, I don’t mind working in a physically demanding environment.

8. Why do you want to work with us specifically?

I feel that your organization is quite professional when it comes to handling employees. Also, I see that there will be a lot of learning involved.

9. What do you consider to be your biggest professional achievement?

I have many achievements to my name. The one that I consider the biggest one is when I suggested using organic cleaners, which significantly reduced danger to housekeepers.

10. Tell us of the last time a coworker got angry with you. How did you handle it?

I was working for a hotel when a fellow housekeeper got very upset as she felt that I was being bossy. I checked myself immediately, apologized, and made sure that I kept my leadership qualities in check so as not to offend anyone.

11. Describe your dream job.

Anything that provides the opportunity to learn and contribute is a dream job for me.

12. Why did you leave your current job?

I felt that I had reached my saturation point, as far as learning was concerned.

13. What kind of work environment do you like best?

I thrive in a challenging environment and one that provides the opportunity for growth.

14. How would your coworkers describe you?

I am sure that they will describe me as a hardworking individual, and one who is easy to get along with.

15. What can we expect from you in the first three months at work?

I intend to contribute in a number of ways, especially streamlining cleaning work. Also, I hope to be a valuable member of your team, bringing a sense of commitment and teamwork amongst my peers.

16. What do you like to do outside of work?

I have many hobbies, some of which include writing, scuba diving, and horse riding.

17. In your opinion, what really drives results in this job?

I believe that total dedication is what drives results in this job.

18. How do you prioritize your work?

I make sure that my time is managed in a way that priorities are never a problem. Exercising good judgment, and effectively communicating makes it easy for me to prioritize my work.

19. What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about doing work that is considered well-done from all ends.

20. What motivates you?

Challenges motivate me the most. For instance, if someone says that cleaning an entire hotel wing in impossible in a day, I will take it up and show them how it is done!

21. How do you like to be supervised?

I don’t mind being supervised, but I do feel a bit uncomfortable when I am constantly being watched. I like to be told what to do and then left to do it.

22. How would you manage it if you were offered a job from another company, and us at the same time?

Since my goals are best aligned with your mission, I would prioritize your offer.

23. What makes you unique?

I often feel that I am one of a kind, because these days, not many people are sincere with their work. For me, a paycheck is not the only thing that I look for in a job. I strive to work hard and deliver my best.

24. What should I know that is not on your resume?

I have put most of my relevant experience and skills in my resume. I did leave out the time that I auditioned for a role in a movie and got in.

25. What do you think we could do better, or differently?

On the surface, your organization looks like it knows what it is doing. I might be able to answer this question once hired.

26. Are you willing to relocate?

I do not have any strong ties in this city, so relocating should not be an issue.

27. What did you dislike about your last job?

To be honest, the only thing that got me down was the fact that I wasn’t learning much.

28. Tell me about a time you made a mistake.

I accidentally threw a guest’s denture which was wrapped in a tissue paper and had fallen on the floor. It was quite chaotic.

29. When can you start working with us?

I will have to give my present employer a 30-day notice of my intention to leave. I can start right after.

30. Would you mind working on weekends?

If the work demands it, I wouldn’t mind one bit.

31. How well can you handle the pressure?

I can handle pressure extremely well, since I am an organized individual, and can sort out priorities quite well.

32. What helps you start your day in a positive way?

I love my work, and that is enough motivation for me.

33. What is your experience with inventory?

I have been responsible for handling the inventory of cleaning supplies, and equipment in my present place of work. I know how to handle this part of the work quite well.

34. What do you feel is the most challenging part of working as a maid?

Working as a maid is challenging on many different levels. Each individual has his or her idea of cleanliness and hygiene, so it is often difficult to please homeowners who are constantly breathing down your neck. Also, the fact that many homeowners do not provide specific instructions makes it difficult for us to know what boundaries are set for us, making it a cause for conflict at some time or another.

35. Have you ever worked as a maid in a professional environment like a hotel? How is it different from working in a house?

The first three years of my career have been spent providing housekeeping services in a largescale hotel. The work is completely different from that of a private home. Hotels are no-nonsense places where you are given your work orders on a piece of paper and asked to tick each duty off as you perform it. It is all quite straightforward. Working in a house is completely different. You have to be sensitive to people’s privacy, make sure that you do not offend anyone and ensure that all duties are performed exactly as the homeowner says.

36. What precautions do you take when you use chemical cleaners to perform cleaning work?

The first thing that I do when using a new chemical cleaner is to read the instructions properly and then make sure that I follow them. I always use gloves when using chemical cleaners of any sort and ensure that all surfaces that they have been used on are properly wiped.

37. If you were asked to perform a job that was not part of your job description, how would you react?

I have been through this situation many times. People seem to think it is alright to hire a maid and then make her do whatever they like, even bathe the family dog! If I feel that I can do a certain task, and it won’t interfere with my schedule, I do not say no. But if the work is extensive, I have no choice but to politely refuse, saying I am not qualified enough to do it. At times, I do not refuse simply because the homeowner has asked in a nice way!

38. How do you handle criticism? Recount a time when something like this happened. How did you react?

I take criticism quite well because I believe that constructive criticism makes people better workers. There was a time when a homeowner yelled at me for polishing her silver “all wrong”. I did not react except apologizing and asking how she wanted me to do it. She didn’t know. So I polished it all over again in the same way that I had before. It seemed to satisfy her. I believe that she was just under a lot of stress and needed to vent!

39. Where do you see yourself in five years?

At the moment, I am concentrating on learning all about the work. Soon, I would like to work in a hotel capacity, where my work will involve supervising and training housekeeping staff.

40. Do you have any questions for me?

I would love to know more about your company culture.