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Orthopedic LPN Cover Letter Sample

Cover letters written in order to acquire an orthopedic LPN position must be able to convince a hiring manager that the applicants are worth their time and money. However, writing a cover letter that does the trick is not the easiest thing to do.   As an orthopedic LPN, your concentration must be on how… Read More »

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Letter of Interest for Student LPN

Letters of interest for student LPNs are more or less in the same as cover letters. The only difference is perhaps the fact that they are written when no job opportunity has been identified. A Student Licensed Practical Nurse letter of interest will primarily be written to figure out if there is a vacant position,… Read More »

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Home Care LPN Resume Sample

  The race to the finish line in the employment world is long and arduous. Competition is fierce. But if you have the spark, nothing can take victory away from you. Resumes are your prime asset during this race. Create them wisely. Let us assist you:   Home Care LPN Resume Sample   Neil White… Read More »

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Top 6 LPN Resume Summary Examples

LPN resume summaries are short paragraphs of self-praise that open resumes. A summary statement provides concise information about an individual’s abilities and competencies. A summary just provides a cover, and this cover can prove to be a lifesaver at times. So never miss writing one! A good resume summary depends on how well you know… Read More »

LPN Thank You Follow-up Note / Email after Interview

Working primarily under the supervision of registered nurses and doctors, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) provide direct patient care. They assess patients’ conditions, create medical plans, and ensure proper implementation of plans in order to address patients’ medical needs. Depending on which state you are working in, you may be required to perform different duties. For instance, in… Read More »