When you talk of event coordinator skills, the first thing that comes to mind is organizational and physical abilities. But that is not entirely true. While many skills are “physical” in nature, most are on the level of the “mind”. The dictionary definition of a skill is the ability, coming from one’s knowledge, practice and aptitude, to do something well. So it cannot possibly be just on a physical level.

You could be skilled in many areas of event coordination. And these skills are what will help a prospective employer decide that he wants to hire you – or not. Mentioning skills in your resume is the most important thing to do! When you prepare an event coordinator resume, you need to judge yourself harshly to determine what you can offer to an employer that can be translated into skills.

However, simply writing that you are skilled in event coordination isn’t going to help your case. You need to back it up by evidence. Too often have we seen long lists of one line skills on resumes – they are boring and disconnected and do not provide much information. Skills need to be written by using the “back-up” method. And what is that? Here is a list for an event coordinator’s skills that work along the back-up method:

Event Coordinator Skills for Resume

• Highly skilled in researching markets to identify opportunities for special events
• Demonstrated expertise in producing detailed proposals for events including timelines, venues, supplier services and staffing requirements
• Documented success in coordinating venue management, caterers, stand designers and contract hire activities
• Proficient in organizing facilities for car parking and valet and security services
• Skilled at planning venue layouts and securing services of talent such as musicians and bands
• Adept at liaising with clients to determine their specific needs and formulating event plans to meet those needs effectively
• Competent in coordinating promotional and marketing activities to ensure that events are properly publicized
• Qualified to organize facilities and manage events details such as décor, entertainment and transportation
• Adept at performing event set up and tear down activities effectively and in a time efficient manner
• Focused on ensuring operational smoothness of events by ensuring that all details are properly coordinated
• Hands-one experience in proposing new ideas to improve event planning and implementation processes
• Proven ability to maintain event calendars by employing a high level of accuracy and detail
• Special talent for designing materials for specific events including meetings, weddings, parties and product launches