A Licensed Practical Nurse takes care of sick people at the facility or home under the supervision of the Registered Nurse. If you want to be an LPN you must be a Graduate from an accredited school of Practical Nursing.

Position Overview

The typical job tasks of LPNs include giving injections, taking and recording blood pressure, giving enemas, monitoring catheters, reading thermometers, and giving massage. They also take care of any wounds that patient may have. They might also help patients in performing daily tasks such as getting up in the morning, personal hygiene, and eating. Be prepared to work long hours! Your hours will depend on the condition of your patient. You obviously can’t go to home if they are not feeling well.

Objective Statement for LPN Resume

If you include an objective statement in your LPN Resume, place it on the top of your resume under your name and contact information. It should be simple and brief — no more than two sentences. Draw attention to what you have to offer the facility. A hiring committee is more concerned in what you can give.

LPN Resume Objective Samples

• Looking for a position as a Licensed Practical Nurse at the Bedford Bay Hospital utilizing extensive nursing experience and compassionate nature to assist patients and residents effectively.

• To work for North Cross Hospital as LPN where I can benefit patients using experience of nursing and empathetic personality.

• Licensed Practical Nurse position with the Old Peoples’ Home utilizing extensive training in nursing and sympathetic nature to aid residents with everyday healthcare needs.

• To obtain a position as an LPN at the Chime County Clinic making the most of strong nursing skills to assist the unwell in living a dignified life.

• Seeking a position of LPN at the Country Healthcare Facility where I’ll be able to apply my skills in providing effective nursing care to the patients.