Top 25 Nursing Resume Objective Examples

Updated: January 9, 2023
What is a Nursing Resume Objective Statement?

A nursing objective statement is the first section of your resume. It summarizes your professional aspirations, in addition to what you have to offer to the company.

Here are 25 examples to assist you to create a compelling nursing resume objective statement. 

These targeted objective statements start with power verbs to influence the reader at first glance.

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25 Best Nursing Career Objective Examples

Experienced Nurse Resume Objectives (15 Examples)

1. Compassionate Registered Nurse seeking a position with NJ City Hospital, utilizing 8+ years’ successful track record in the nursing profession to actively contribute to the well-being of patients.

2. Highly focused and diligent Nurse with a positive work ethic looking for a Registered Nurse position at Mount Sinai Healthcare. Bringing exceptional skills in assessing, screening, and carrying out prescribed treatment of patients to support the long-term mission of the facility.

3. Empathetic and emotionally-stable Licensed Practical Nurse looking for employment at Cambridge Health Alliance. Bringing 7+ years of progressively responsible experience in monitoring patients’ health and administering basic nursing care to give the utmost level of comfort and care to patients.

4. Top-performing registered nurse, poised to work in a fast-paced and busy healthcare environment where my competencies in administering medical procedures will be used to ensure the well-being of residents and patients.

5. Seeking a Registered Nurse position with Nashville Healthcare where I can employ my skills in providing direct nursing care and making the most of a compassionate personality to create a comfortable environment for patients and families.

6. RN with a keen sense of service orientation along with an innate ability to provide excellence in medical care. Seeking employment at Coopers’ Hospital.

7. Highly qualified RN with 5+ years of hands-on patient care experience, seeking a role with Medixi Hospital. Expert in post-surgical management and IV medication administration.

8. Registered nurse with BSN and 5 years of successful record in the nursing profession. Seeking a position in the ER Department of North West Hospital. Eager to use my expertise in patient assessment, wound dressing, and surgery assistance.

9. To obtain a full-time nursing position at ABC Hospital. Offering 7+ years of overall nursing experience, including two years of experience as a head nurse. Knowledge of infection control protocols, cannula passage, IV administration, and patient recovery monitoring.

10. Certified psychiatric nursing professional seeking an RN position in the psychiatry department of AAA Hospital. Bringing the ability to provide high-quality bedside patient care and a unique talent for counseling patients.

11. Compassionate and friendly registered nurse with exceptional interpersonal skills and licensed to work in Florida. Seeking a position in the Gothic Hospital. Offering expertise in patient progress monitoring and medicine administration.

12. Dedicated Registered Nurse with six years of hands-on experience in Emergency Room Management. Ability to remain calm during critical situations and intervene effectively to handle the crisis.

13. To obtain an RN position with RGH Hospital where skills and training in post-surgical patient monitoring combined with in-depth knowledge of wound care and infection control protocol will be utilized for the well-being of patients.

14. Highly motivated Registered Nurse, looking for a position at Family Health Care. Offering best nursing practices with a profound ability to care for patients on a psychological level.

15. Very caring and responsible nursing professional seeking an LVN position with Aspen Healthcare. Offers expertise in providing bedside care to a diversity of patients. Eager to make a significant difference in the lives of residents.

Entry-Level Nurse Objectives With No Experience (10 Examples)

16. Fresh and energetic nursing professional with BSN Degree, seeking a position as a Registered Nurse at ABC Healthcare. Bringing an excellent record of nursing education and training, hands-on internship experience, and outstanding interpersonal skills, to attain the maximum level of patient care.

17. Looking for a Practical Nurse position, utilizing well-built theoretical concepts and thorough training to provide superior healthcare service to patients.

18. To obtain a position as a New Grad Nurse at AceStack LLC, utilizing training and internship experience in providing direct patient care with a difference. Specifically, well-versed in prescribing assistive medical devices, and related treatments. Focused on helping the facility raise its patient care standards through continuous nursing care implementation.

19. Well-trained Nurse, seeking a challenging role at Sava Senior Healthcare. Poised to leverage solid patient care skills in the geriatric arena. Bringing extensive skills in providing dedicated patient care, while being mindful of the hospital’s wellness objectives.

20. Recent BSN eager to obtain employment as a Nurse at ABC Hospital. Excellent skills in providing high-quality care in a consistent manner, and knowledge of patient care service, to add to the reputation of the hospital.

21. Looking for a Nurse position in the dynamic environment of St. Peter’s Healthcare System. Leveraging knowledge of creating and implementing patient care plans to meet patient care objectives.

22. Efficient, and patient care-oriented individual, recently graduated from ABC Nursing School, seeking a position at the Health Care District of Palm Beach County. Hoping to leverage nursing education, and internship experience to contribute to the excellent service reputation of the facility.

23. Exceptionally talented Student Nurse, hoping to acquire an internship at XYZ Hospital. Eager to apply knowledge gained during educational tenure to help the hospital in meeting its patient care objectives in a quick, and consistent manner.

24. Seeking a Registered Nurse position at Wayward Health Facility, where top-notch nursing education and training can be utilized to provide quality healthcare to patients.

25. Recent graduate ASN from ABC College, looking for a New Grad Nurse position at Great Wellness Hospital. Excited to apply knowledge of patient care protocols to a fast-paced and dynamic environment. Excellent time management and critical thinking abilities.

Additional Guidelines to Write a Perfect Nurse Resume Objective Statement

Before setting yourself to the task of writing an objective section for an RN resume, it is crucial to understand when and why your resume needs one.

You have to summarize your value and how you intend to utilize it while addressing the employer’s requirements for the position rather than your expectations of the same.

Remember, the more relevant your objective statement, the higher will be the chances of being called for an interview.

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