6 Judicial Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: January 20, 2023

When a Judicial Clerk interview is on the cards, your most important tool is preparation.

The following set of interview questions and answers will help you:

Judicial Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why did you choose to work as a judicial clerk?
Right after I obtained my associate’s degree in law, I worked as an intern in a law office, where part of my work was court liaison. I found this end of the work to be quite interesting and decided to peruse a career in it. And there has been no looking back since then.

2. As a judicial clerk, what have been your work responsibilities in the past?
I have worked as a judicial clerk for 2 years, and have been responsible for reviewing and processing legal documents, typing court notices, processing payments such as court fees and fines, processing new cases, and updating old ones, and serving as a point of contact for all case and court-related queries. In addition to this, I have been handling records management and filing activities and performing data entry work as well.

3. What skills does one need to work as a judicial clerk?
Apart from the fact that it is imperative to possess knowledge of court procedures, it is important to know how to handle inquiries from the public and court personnel. Additionally, one has to be hands-on in using and understanding courtroom / legal terminology and possess the ability to manage records and files properly. Also, judicial clerks need to be exceptionally well-versed in evaluating legal documents and preparing written materials such as subpoenas, notices, and summonses.

4. What has been your most challenging work day so far?
The work of a judicial clerk is challenging on a daily basis, but if you want me to tell you one, there was a time when I was provided with a records management task, which was quite cumbersome, solely because of the expanse of it. However, I managed to do it in the timeline provided, but I had to put in a lot of overtime.

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you place your skills as a judicial clerk, if ten is the highest?
I have just begun working as a judicial clerk, which is why I would place my skills on a realistic 6.

6. Where do you want your career to take you from here?
I would eventually want to work as a judge. I am learning the ropes at the moment, and would subsequently train (and study) to make my way to the top.