Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Resume Sample

Updated March 18, 2021
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There is nothing more important than safety in the air – during flight, an aircraft needs to be in perfect condition because there are many lives involved. 

Aircraft maintenance engineers (also known as aircraft mechanics) are invaluable in this role. Apart from performing scheduled maintenance tasks, aircraft maintenance engineers repair and test engines, airframes, radio systems, and surface finishes.

The job of aircraft maintenance engineers is that of immense responsibility.

Essentially, they need to handle pre and post-flight inspections and give the go-ahead so that a plane can fly.

Aircraft maintenance engineers may specialize in avionics, mechanical work, or structures depending on their interest, but the essence of their work remains the same.

How to create a resume for this position?

Wonder no more! Look below!

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Sample Resume for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Position

Ray West
782 Pine Ct, Jaffrey, NH 63901
(000) 999-9999
[email protected]


Highly qualified professional with a solid background in mechanical engineering. Hands-on experience in performing aircraft and component maintenance and modification duties. In-depth knowledge of prop and hydraulic systems and demonstrated expertise in fuel injection systems.

✔ Led a quality control initiative aimed at ensuring aircraft maintenance staff’s training and certification
✔ Reduced probability of mid-air engine malfunctions by 20% by incorporating maintenance quality control measures
✔ Awarded the Diligence Award 2011 following an exceptional performance
✔ Commemorated for impeccable aircraft maintenance record following 0 incidents in 3 years

✈ Complete understanding of handling wiring repairs
✈ Familiar with a range of aircraft models
✈ Proficient in repairing and maintaining oxygen and landing gear retraction systems


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
CHC Aircraft Corporation, Jaffrey, NH
2015 – Present
• Perform aircraft repair and maintenance activities
• Handle instruments to gauge wear and tear on aircrafts
• Test controls and repair or replace defective components
• Use a variety of hand tools to handle maintenance and repair tasks
• Install and test hydro-mechanical systems and other components
• Ensure that engines and subassemblies are in good working order
• Troubleshoot problems with aircraft and give solutions
• Upgrade aircraft following specifications and protocols provided
• Direct and oversee the work of aircraft technicians and mechanics

Aircraft Technician
AutoEng, Jaffrey, NH
2009 – 2015
• Performed inspections on aircrafts
• Assisted in diagnosing problems with aircraft engines and body
• Handled modification and repair duties under the supervision of aircraft engineer
• Scheduled maintenance activities under directions provided
• Handled inventory and stock of aircraft parts
• Maintained aircraft scheduling records

BE, Mechanical Engineering
New Hampshire Engineering University, Jaffrey, NH

A&P Mechanics Certificate – Jaffrey Aviation Institute

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