Field engineers specialize in their choice of engineering before they apply for suitable jobs. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a required engineering discipline is essential to be eligible for this position. Technically, field engineers supervise engineering staff on a mobile site to ensure proper service delivery. They troubleshoot and analyze many products and equipment and also repair product failures. Their work revolves around making sure that customers are satisfied and company goals are achieved.

It is often quite difficult to gauge the use of resources on a mobile site; field engineers ensure that both wastage and inefficient practices are taken care of or at the very least, minimized.

Individuals wanting to apply as a field engineer need to make sure that their cover letters depict their skills in handling this extremely demanding position.


Field Engineer Cover Letter Sample


457 David Canary Drive
Massillon, OH 66777

March 20, 2014

Mr. Abraham Lincoln
Manager Human Resources
Peak Technologies
66 Andrew Avenue
Massillon, OH 77622


Dear Mr. Lincoln:

As an acclaimed and accomplished engineer with vast experience in directing mobile engineering projects, I believe my qualifications and career profile will be of great interest to you. Professing my dedication to working as a Field Engineer on challenging onsite projects, I offer my services to work at Peak Technologies.

My present goal is to apply my leadership and management skills in order to expedite service delivery of every project under my direction. To do this successfully, I would like to put forward intense understanding of practices and techniques that are particular to handling problems by implementing appropriate solutions. I believe that mobile sites need more attention in terms of wastage and inefficiency which is the prime reason for my focus on minimizing the misuse of resources. I have always been adamant on involving customers for feedback as I believe that no project can be successful without customer feedback.

Since I am trained in recognizing situations that require a service call for escalation, I am forever prepared and insist on ensuring that escalation procedures are in check at all times. I also believe in the need for ongoing training in order to enhance each member’s technical competency which has been the key to many successful projects over the years.

Owing to this progressive experience and demonstrated versatility, I deem myself a good fit for your company. In order to provide credibility to my claims, I would like to meet with you in person for which I will call your office after one week. Please call me at (333) 333-3333 if you would like to speak to me in the interim.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



James Tanner

James Tanner

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