Legal Assistant Summary for Resume

Updated on: March 31, 2018

It may seem that writing a resume summary is no fun, but even if it isn’t, you don’t have a choice. If you send your resume without a summary, you risk losing out on a lot.

A hiring manager who picks up a resume that begins abruptly with information on education or skills will be disappointed. Hiring managers need something to hold on to when reading a resume, and lack of a summary will discourage them enough to leave your resume on the desk, and venture on another adventure to find a summary, in a different resume – someone else’s. And this will of course not work for you.

Writing a resume summary is not difficult if you know exactly what it is supposed to be doing. Typically, resume summaries are written so that a hiring manager can get a whiff of what the applicant’s skills and abilities are, for a specific position. Consider it a teaser.

You must write one so that you can highlight yourself as the best person to hire for a job. This teaser will encourage the hiring manager to keep reading your resume, that is if it is written to impress.

The following samples of resume summaries for a legal assistant position will help you write your own. Have a look:

Sample Summary Statements for Legal Assistant Resume

• Diligent, hardworking, and exceptionally organized legal assistant, with over two years of experience in researching and applying legal regulations, techniques, and procedures, to perform work requiring the review of complaint files and processing of complaints according to procedures. Highly skilled in reviewing and analyzing a wide variety of evidentiary materials, according to specified protocols.

• Legal assistant, with extensive exposure to gather and input case information in legal database management systems. Demonstrated expertise in examining, processing, and preparing a variety of technical legal documents, including complaints, motions, orders, and labels.

• Highly skilled and efficient individual, with over two years of experience of working in a legal assistant capacity. Proficient in assembling exhibits, affidavits, and other legal documents, and tracking filing, hearing, and trials date efficiently.

• Resourceful, competent, and qualified legal assistant, boasting of 3 years of dedicated experience in a big law firm. Adept at maintaining calendars of assigned active cases, and handling research and reporting work.

• Legal assistant, with extensive comprehension of reviewing legal documents to ensure that they are correctly formatted, and contain all necessary portions. Highly skilled in establishing and maintaining office files, logs, indices, and legal reference documentation.