Legal Office Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: March 19, 2018

Your journey into your dream job will not be without adventures.

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Legal Office Assistant Resume Example



Gregory Toole
665 Fifth Avenue | Minot, ND 18873
(000) 325-4534
[email protected]


Dedicated, resourceful, and competent legal office assistant with 12+ years’ extensive experience in providing administrative, legal, and clerical assistance to a unit of attorneys. Highly capable of interacting with clients, and handling core research work to assist attorneys in cases. Effectively undertake research projects for multiple cases, and work directly with clients in a non-advisory capacity.


– Administrative Support – Case Filing – Research
– Calendar Management – Witness Interviewing – Communication Handling
– Documentation – Evidence Gathering – Exhibits Handling
– Depositions Scheduling – Trial Transcripts Review – Case Preparation

• Singlehandedly prepared 3 cases simultaneously, in the absence of 2 other legal assistants.
• Developed a calendar management system, which proved to be 65% more efficient than the one already being used.
• Implemented a novel exhibits presenting system, which was received exceptionally well by the court.
• Devised a case file documentation system, resulting in increased efficiency in retrieving old cases.


Legal Office Assistant
Attorneys Inc., Minot, ND                                     2011 – Present
• Interview new clients to determine their cases, and assist in a non-advisory capacity.
• Gather all information regarding cases, and ensure that they are correctly filed.
• Provide attorneys with information on cases in a preliminary position, preparing them for the actual interview.
• Prepare case files for each client, and ensure that they are confidentially documented.
• Process orders for case research, ensuring that all available resources are checked for information.
• Compile researched information into the form of reports, and ensure that they are presented to attorneys.
• Prepare and submit responses to legal correspondence, based on oral instructions, and dictations.
• Schedule meetings and appointments, and ensure that court hearings are communicated to the relevant attorney.

Legal Assistant
Morgan and Morgan, Minot, ND                                2006 – 2011
• Compiled case files according to provided instructions, and ensured that they were filed correctly.
• Assisted attorneys during the client interview process, by taking and recording notes.
• Ascertained that all researched information was documented correctly, by following established procedures.
• Provided support in preparing legal correspondence by providing the required information.
• Assisted in scheduling meetings, and arranging travel and accommodations for traveling attorneys.

North Dakota State University, Minot, ND – 2005
Bachelor’s Degree in Law