Legal Assistant Skills for Cover Letter and Resume

Updated on: August 18, 2019

As a legal assistant, both your cover letter and resume must include skills information.

That is because hiring managers want to know what you are capable of doing, before anything else.


Your ability to provide assistance to a unit of attorneys is what they are looking for primarily.

It is important to realize that skills information cannot be left out of the legal assistant resume or cover letter. Working as a legal assistant means that you have to provide support to a law office.

Your knowledge of common law practices and the ability to keep cases organized must be highlighted. As important to emphasize is your competencies in helping develop cases through maintaining contact with key people related to each case.

Also, knowledge of maintaining case costs, and supporting case preparation activities must be highlighted in your job application document.


If you feel a bit hesitant in writing skills statements for a legal assistant resume and/or legal assistant cover letter, take a look at the following examples:

Legal Assistant Skills for Cover Letter and Resume

• Demonstrated ability to investigate case facts as directed by the lawyer

• Able to perform research on relevant laws and regulations

• Special talent for organizing and maintaining case documents according to the procedures

• Highly experienced in gathering and collating evidence and other legal documents

• Exceptionally talented in providing administrative support to lawyer units in order to enhance office effectiveness

• Well-versed in initiating and managing communication with clients and witnesses

• Competent in preparing case briefs and summarizing depositions

• Qualified to assist in conducting investigations and statistical research about assigned cases

• Proven ability to locate and develop information relevant to each assigned case

• Solid track record of effectively coordinating appointments, and logistics

• Unmatched ability to manage legal documentation in accordance with set procedures

• Documented success in improving upon clerical and administrative systems

• Expert in drafting legal court documents for example, pleadings, motions, and affidavits

• Able to handle transition documents such as trusts, wills, and contracts

• Highly skilled in assisting lawyers in order to prepare for transactional closings, hearings, and trials

• Proficient in organizing and tracking files for important transactions

• Adept at collecting and recording exhibits so as to properly present them in court

• Ability to provide required support to attorneys during trial

• Expert in planning estate and trust funds

• Effectively able to maintaining law firm’s financial records, and ensure that hours are properly tracked

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