Entry-Level Legal Assistant Resume With No Experience

Updated on: December 15, 2022

In order to write a winning resume for a legal assistant position (when you have no experience in hand), put all your focus on impressing the recruiter.

The first thing that you have to remember is that no experience does not automatically translate into “no chance.”

In fact, you have a great chance of being considered for a legal assistant position if your resume is built correctly.

Technically, you should highlight your knowledge of the work when writing a resume for a legal assistant position. Your interest in the position should be clearly seen in your writing.

It is important to note that your resume will float around skills, competencies, and academic records, so you have to make this information strong.

Here is a resume sample for a legal assistant position for you to go through, so that you can write your own:

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Legal Assistant No Experience Resume Sample

Jill Bates
211 Santa Street
Hampton, NH89304
(000) 965-8547


A diligent and ambitious individual, seeking a position as a Legal Assistant at ABC company. Bringing an Associate’s Degree in Law, and a great interest in conducting research and maintaining documents to provide administrative and legal support to the attorney’s office.

Associate’s Degree in Law
New Hampshire State University, Hampton, NH – 2022

– Case Investigation – Research
– Precedent Determination – Evidence Gathering
– Electronic Filing Systems – Case Files Maintenance
– Exhibits Handling – Correspondence Drafting
– Trial Transcription


Legal Intern
San and San Law Firm, Hampton, NH
8/2022 – 12/2022
• Checked case files and investigated facts regarding assigned cases
• Conducted research on laws, and precedents, and provided the required feedback
• Arranged for evidence to be correctly handled for trial purposes
• Drafted correspondence and legal documents
• Assisted lawyers by handling exhibits and evidence during trials

Honored for representing the university in 2 law seminars held in Keene, NH
Attained Student of the Year Award 2 times, for excellence in academics

Fluent in English, French, and Chinese.

Volunteered services at three orphanages, for the last 5 years
Lead a team of volunteers on a citywide cleanup mission

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