Law Clerk Resume Sample

Updated on: December 10, 2021

Writing a law clerk resume is easy but writing a good one isn’t. Success at building a resume depends on how you write it. 

In order to write a compelling law clerk resume, you need to customize it according to the specific needs of the employer.

While it is alright to create a standard resume and modify it according to the specific job description, one has to be very careful in what information goes into the modified resume.

Here is an example:

Sample Resume for Law Clerk Position

Lisa Baker
705 Cordy Road, Ada, OK 70002
(000) 142-1245
lisabaker @ email . com

“Friendly, Knowledgeable, Analytical, Computer Savvy”

Results-oriented Law Clerk with 16-plus-year hands-on experience in collecting and analyzing legal data and advising members of legal teams of precedent facts of each case. Known for providing assistance in courtroom proceedings, including trials, hearings, and bail motions. Verifiable track record of accurately conducting legal analysis and research to aid courtroom proceedings and trial preparations.


Law Clerk (6/2018 – Present)
Roig Lawyers, Ada, OK

Key Achievements and Contributions
• Cracked a homicide case for the prosecutor by researching and finding out a fact, which proved to be invaluable during the last court hearing.
• Introduced a novel way of obtaining statements from witnesses, ensuring documentation of all information provided by him or her.

Key Responsibilities & Tasks
• Greet clients and witnesses and respond to their inquiries regarding legal services and fees.
• Conduct legal research by consulting verified sources, and provide feedback in the form of reports.
• Draft trial briefs along with other legal documents and correspondence.
• Interview clients and witnesses and record their responses according to specified procedures.
• Manage exhibits and evidence and prepare them for presentation in courtrooms.
• Search for and retrieve records on request and ensure both data integrity and confidentiality.

Law Clerk (2/2011 – 6/2018)

Key Achievements and Contributions
• Singlehandedly maintained the legal library, with over 5200 books and reference guides.
• Maintained liaison with 3 important background check organizations, making the process 59% less cumbersome.

Key Responsibilities & Tasks
• Prepared cases by determining the priority of cases and translation of legal documents.
• Filed and maintained important information and vital records in a confidential manner.
• Prepared affidavits and case correspondence according to provided instructions and within the parameters of legal jargon.
• Calculated charges for filing fees and processed payments by following specified accounting procedures.
• Received and distributed mail to intended recipients and arranged for outgoing mail to be delivered to couriers.
• Processed cases by assigning docket numbers, issuing summons and warrants, and filing probation reports.

Legal Intern (1/2009 – 2/2011)
Wilson and Wilson, Ada, OK

Key Responsibilities & Tasks
• Performed case-related research activities to provide information regarding precedents.
• Handled filing and record-keeping duties by ensuring confidentiality and integrity of filed data.
• Greeted clients to the office and provided them with preliminary information regarding offered legal services.
• Assisted in maintaining legal libraries by ensuring that all books and periodicals are accounted for.
• Handled office supplies and equipment inventory and created and maintained liaisons with suppliers to ensure prompt delivery of needed office supplies.

Bachelor’s Degree in Law (in progress)
Oklahoma State University, Ada, OK

Associate’s Degree in Law – 1999
St Louis Technical College, Ada, OK


  • Evidentiary Exhibits
  • Legal Research
  • Background Checks
  • Library Maintenance
  • Witness Statements
  • Documents Management
  • Record Searches
  • Statuary Interpretations
  • Appointments Scheduling
  • Trial Briefs Drafting
  • Appeals Disposition