Top 6 Gardener Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: December 10, 2021

One of the most common questions we ask ourselves before we appear for a gardener interview is “will I succeed?

This unsure attitude is probably something that may keep you away from success.

Before you begin questioning yourself, make sure that you are able to meet the demands of the employer.

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To help you, we have provided you with a set of possible interview questions and answers for the gardener position.

Gardener Interview Questions and Answers

1. What have been your specific duties as a gardener in the past?

Since I started working as a gardener, I have been involved in digging, planting, mulching, watering, and weeding. Additionally, I have cultivated soil, prepared beds, and ensured plant safety by actively spraying pesticides on them.

2. How growing organic plants is more difficult than non-organic ones?

With organic plants and trees, a lot of time and care needs to be invested. You cannot use pesticides, so the danger of pest attacks is always prevailing. Also, organic plants take longer to grow.

3. If you had a choice, would you grow organic plants?

For sure! There is nothing like an organic plantation. In fact, I am presently overseeing a commercial vegetable patch that is completely organic.

4. What specific tools and equipment have you used to help you with your gardening and landscaping work?

I can operate both manual and motorized lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and trimmers, along with using shovels and picks.

5. Tell us of your biggest achievement as a gardener.

Three years ago, the company that I was working for signing up for a Most Creative Garden competition. Seven states were contesting in the competition and the chances of winning weren’t too great, since the time provided was just 8 months! I managed to shape an eight feet high Starship Enterprise (from the Star Trek fame) within the stipulated time, not anticipating to win. But the company I represented won the competition and was awarded a huge monetary award, 75% of which was given to me!

6. As far as watering is concerned, what steps would you take to overhaul a current watering system at your present workplace?

I would make sure that the irrigation system is more efficient. My present place of employment boasts of huge gardens which are impossible to completely water in one go because of the location of the water supply. I would devise a more efficient way of helping water reach faraway sites.

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