Court Services Officer Resume Sample

Updated on: February 20, 2022

A court services officer (or a court clerk) is an individual who provides administrative and clerical assistance to courts.

He or she is specifically hired to ensure that case dockets are managed properly and that all cases that need to be administered to the court on that day are managed in a proper way.

If you want to apply for a Court Services Officer job, you have to make sure you write an attractive resume.

The following sample will guide you on how to write a great resume. :

Court Services Officer Resume Example

Sarah Blessings
521 Lowe Road, Stowe, VT 79223
(000) 999-3232


Top-performing court services officer with over 8 years of experience assisting in the day-to-day operations of the court. Highly skilled in performing clerical work such as processing court cases, actions, proceedings, and hearings. Demonstrated ability to examine legal documents submitted to the court for adherence to law procedures.

• Singlehanded processes 15 subpoenas in 2 hours, in the absence of 2 other court services officers.
• Streamlined case file management by implementing a novel system to secure files appropriately.
• Implemented a fee assessments system that dynamically calculated the fee for each court service.
• Successfully entered 1500 records into the system, on a particularly busy day at work.


Court Services Officer
City of Stowe, Stowe, VT
• Create schedules of cases to be administered into the court on a daily basis, depending on the priority of each case.
• Prepare dockets of cases that will be called in the court, ensuring that all papers are accurately filed.
• Contact witnesses, attorneys, and litigants to obtain and provide information regarding administered cases.
• Process legal documents, manage court records, and schedule court cases upon instruction.
• Examine legal documents submitted to the court to ensure adherence to legal procedures.
• Administer the oath to witnesses, litigants, and lawyers in accordance with established protocols.
• Record case dispositions, and court orders in accordance with pre-specified protocols and procedures.
• Create and maintain records of all cases in a confidential manner, ensuring that they are updated as and when required.

Court Clerk
High Court of Stowe, Stowe, VT
• Assisted in creating dockets of cases to be administered to the court each day.
• Ensured that all information such as applications and appeals are present in case dockets.
• Provided support to the court by ensuring that all exhibits and pieces of evidence were properly laid out.
• Performed data entry work to enter court proceedings information into the system.
• Maintained records of all cases, ensuring that proper amendments and modifications were performed.

High School Diploma
St. Armory’s High School, Stowe, VT – 2009

✓ Case Administration
✓ Disposition Recording
✓ Data Entry
✓ Information Security
✓ Proceedings Handling
✓ Payments Oversight
✓ Documents Examination
✓ Trail Preparation
✓ Extension Preparation
✓ Cash Drawer Balancing
✓ Call Handling