Boiler Maker Resume Sample

Facing difficulty in building your resume for a boiler maker position? Resume building can definitely pose to be a challenge in today’s job industry. Candidates usually find it daunting to squeeze their professional profile in a single page document. The most common resume mistake is to over emphasize one’s experience, taking up all the space meant actually for showcasing the potential.

Mentioning your potential and capabilities to communicate what you can do for the hiring firm is very important, however, it doesn’t mean past experience is not worth mentioning. The right way to go about in this regard is to mention your past achievements in a manner that your expertise is automatically communicated.


Boiler Maker Resume Sample


Daniel Guilford

504 Yardley Street, Denver, CO 98666
(006) 333-6666, daniel @ email. com

An assiduous boiler maker with 3+ years of hands on experience in welding and a strong mechanical aptitude. Skilled in removing, cutting and replacing rivets, offering unparalleled expertise in boiler maintenance and repairs.

✔ CAD/Cam Blue Print Interpretation ✔ Acetylene torch handling
✔ Brazing Expertise ✔ SMAW
✔ MIG/TIG Welding techniques ✔ Pressure leakage testing

• Timely identified an intricate fitting maladjustment problem and conducted preventive repairs to five boilers – saved $5000 repair cost for leakage at any later stage
• Fixed a heat exchanger successfully using hand tools during Christmas holidays in absence of the senior boiler maker


Boiler Maker | Union Pacific, Denver, CO | February 2013 – Present

• Align and secure structural parts of pressure vessels
• Fix, repair and install systems containing boilers, tanks and drums
• Isolate mechanical problems in locomotive boilers and fix the same
• Apply various welding techniques to replace and secure the outer components of the unit after inside repair work

Helper Boiler Maker | Zachry, Denver, CO | August 2011 – January 2013

• Carried out flame cutting of defective boiler sections and replaced damaged tubes
• Straightened plates using jacks or torches and replaced worn out bolts
• Welded and fitted new/replaced compartments
• Assisted the journey man in defect analysis, parts assembly and repairing of boiler auxiliaries

High School Diploma | Garden Int’l, Denver, CO | July 2011

• Valid Driver’s License Holder
• Demonstrated auditory and visual acuity
• Substantial knowledge of FRA
• Ability to read, write and understand instructions
• Knowledge of OSHA safety guidelines

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