Front Desk Responsibilities for Resume

Updated on: April 11, 2021

If you have ever worked at the front desk of an office, you will know what an important position it is. Front desk officers are hired primarily to be the face of the company. This means that they represent all that the company is in terms of services. If customers get great services from the front desk officer, they deem the company a success.

Working as a front desk officer has some requirements, the main one being a pleasant personality. Since you will be the face of the company, you will need to smile constantly and be polite in how you deal with visitors and customers.

You will also need to be firm at times so that you can explain to customers and visitors that they cannot go beyond a certain line. Additionally, you will need to be organized and possess exceptional telephone manners.

Front desk officers are hired across many industries, including hotels, spas, hospitals, schools, and businesses. To be eligible for this position, you do not need more than a high school diploma or an equivalent. What you do have to be is courteous, organized, and welcoming. So if you have all these attributes in your personality, you are actually eligible for a front desk job.

A list of front desk responsibilities is provided below:

Sample Responsibilities for Front Desk Resume

• Greet customers and visitors as they arrive at the front desk and politely inquire into their purpose of visit
• Respond to inquiries for information in an upbeat and explanatory manner
• Seat customers and visitors in the waiting area while their requests are being services
• Assist in filling out registration and admission forms and take and record contact information
• Direct or lead customers/visitors to their designated departments
• Operate telephone switchboards to answer and forward phone calls to correct recipients
• Listen and respond to complaints on the telephone or in-person and attempt to resolve them according to company policies
• Receive mail and ensure that it is distributed to the correct recipients
• Collect mail from staff members and make arrangements for it to be picked up by couriers
• Handle filing and records management systems by ensuring data integrity and confidentiality
• Process and prepare correspondence such as memos, letters, and minutes of the meeting
• Assist in handling office supplies and equipment inventory by contacting vendors for timely deliveries
• Maintain front desk visitors’ register to log them in and out
• Ensure that the front desk and waiting areas are clean and neat throughout the day